Sargun Mehta is one of the sparkling stars of the television industry. The talented girl hails from Chandigarh. She earned name and fame in this industry as a hard working girl. Sargun Mehta was born on 6 September 1988. She had  completed her studies from Sacred Heart Convent School in Chandigarh. She graduates from the kirorimal college Delhi University. Along with her studies she was very active in co-curricular activities of the college. She was a member of the theatre society of college. This television actress is now living in Mumbai and enjoying her career right now. She started her television career with 12/24 Karol bag. In this serial she was playing the role of Neetu Sethi, a girl of middle class family having dreams to touch the sky. This role really matched Sargun Mehta a lot. She is also very ambitious about her dreams.

Sargun Mehta in her role

Sargun Mehta in a different picture

Sargun Mehta in a traditional avtar

Her working background shows that this girl is really very specific about her roles. Her next serial was Apno ke liye geeta ka dharmyudh and in this serial she was in the main lead role of Geeta. The attractive point of this role was that in this role she was a shy girl that afterwards changes herself to get her family reputation back. Sargun has also worked in Teri Meri Love Story serial which was a telly film on star plus. She has started her career at the age of 20 and now   at the age of 25 she is one of the leading TV actresses in this industry.

Sargun Mehta poses for a photograph at an event

Sargun Mehta fits into her role in Phulwa

Sargun Mehta poses for a photo

Recently she had taken part in the nach baliye competition with her partner Ravi Dubey. Ravi Dubey is her boyfriend and on the sets of the popular dance show nach baliye he proposed Sargun in a very romantic way. This was really an unforgettable moment for Sargun. On this occasion both families were there to surprise Sargun. Shilpa Shetty, Sajid Khan and Terrence D’souza and the entire team were part of this beautiful moment in her life. In nach baliye-5 Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey completed their journey by achieving the position of first runner up. The experience of nach baliye was really great for sargun and she learned a lot of things from there. Sargun is very happy that she had learned different styles of dancing in nach baliye. The atmosphere of nach baliye was fantastic and she made friends over there. She tells about her experience in nach Baliye that whenever there was an announcement of scores she got scared of the results. Those moments were one of the unforgettable moments for her life. But in all of these she was enjoying nach baliye as Ravi was with her and as we discussed earlier that nach baliye was the stage where she got the most special moment of her life.

Sargun Nehta and Ravi dubey in Nach Baliye

Sargun Mehta's hot dance with Ravi Dubey in Nach Baliye

Sargun Nehta and Ravi dubey in Nach Baliye

Sargun Mehta with Ravi Dubey after an extraordinary performance

She had also worked with Ekta Kapoor. Everyone knows that working in Ekta’s serial is not so easy and it is not a piece of cake to give her best. Sargun proved herself with the character of Bulbul in Kya Hua Tera Waada that was aired on Sony TV. In this role Sargun had to play a girl who is specific about her goals and she does not believe in being modern by wearing stylish clothes. For her, moral values are very important and it is a fact that Sargun has done great justice to her role. Sargun says that the role of Bulbul in Kya Hua Tera Waada defines her in a very good way. In her real life she is just like Bulbul but her thoughts about love and relationship are different from Bulbul. Sargun was awarded as the new talent for her show. This actress won this award for her debut serial 12/24 Karol bagh. She achieved this great award in 2010. Although she was not in the main lead role in this series but she managed to her talent and got the attention of viewers.

Sargun Mehta in a bubbly role

Sargun Mehta with Siddharth Kumar Tewary and Rakshandha at an event

A turn came into Sargun’s acting career when she was selected for the role of a phulwa as a main lead role. In phulwa the character of phulwa was very strong and to present it well was not so easy. But Sargun did it very well. According to her this serial was the turning point in her career and phulwa positioned her among the top actresses in the industry. Talking about the relationship of Sargun with Ravi, they met each other on the set of 12/24 karol bagh which was the debut serial of Sargun Mehta and they fell in love with each other. In this serial Ravi was paired opposite to Sargun. Sargun says that she finds herself compatible to Ravi. He is really an understanding guy and along with that he is a good person. Sargun and Ravi are to get married soon. They will get married next year most probably.

Sargun Mehta in Phulva

Sargun Mehta with Ravi Dubey at an event together

Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey caught together in a photograph

 In television industry life she has played many roles but in her real life she is as simple as a normal girl. She is a great fan of SRK. For her Shahrukh is king of romance and she likes to watch his movies. Her desire is to do a movie with SRK and she is very clear about this if she will get a chance to do a movie with SRK she will go for it without thinking for a second.

Sargun Mehta in a photo shoot

Apart from this Sargun is fond of dancing. She loves dancing and for her dancing is the best exercise and she refreshes herself by dancing to her favorite music. Sargun lives her life in a very balanced way. She loves to be at home whenever she gets free and she used to attend parties also for her close ones. Sargun cooks well but as she says that cooking is not her cup of tea. But still she makes pasta and mutton. She does not make full fledged dinner and always keep taking cooking tips from her mother on the phone. Sargun is a hardworking girl and she is very confident that she will achieve the peak point in her career by enhancing her acting skills in the industry.

Sargun Mehta walks on the ramp

Sargun Mehta with Ravi Dubey at an award function

Sargun Mehta at the Colors Holi celebration