Ankita Lokhande with her mom & dad

Ankita Lokhande, popularly known as Archana Deshmukh of popular TV series Pavitra Rishta, belongs to a conservative Marathi family in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. She was born on 19th December in the year 1983.

Ankita’s father is a banker and her mother is a teacher. Her parents were initially not quite happy with her decision to step into the glamour industry. But then they moved to Indore due to their daughter’s decision to pursue a career in acting. ‘Where I come from, the world of lights, camera and action is a far-away dream, becoming an actress is something very rare’, says Ankita.

Ankita with her mom

Hailing from a middle class family, Ankita decided to take the uncharted territory and make it big in the world of glam. When she conveyed her desire to move to Mumbai to try her luck in acting, her parents were apprehensive a lot. They were worried about their daughter and also about people asking so many questions in a small town like Indore.

Ankita Lokhande with her mother

Her dad said, ‘you don’t know how the industry works’! In spite of that, they granted her the permission and Ankita, who weaved a magic wand of success with her subtle yet indomitable performances as did her saris on the show, is fortunate that they gave her a chance to prove something in life!

Ankita with her mom & boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput

Ankita was given a surprise visit by her parents recently. Her onscreen parents’ anniversary was supposed to be featured in one of the episodes of Pavitra Rishta. Since the time Ankita got to know about it, she had been feeling blue as even her real parents’ wedding anniversary was in the same month. She felt bad that though she is part of her onscreen parents’ wedding, she couldn’t be with her real parents on their special day.

Ankita with beau Sushant Singh Rajput

Ankita asked the production house for a few days off to go and visit them for the occasion. But they didn’t grant her a leave. Instead they coordinated with Ankita’s parents so that they could come and visit her.When her parents heard of this, they decided to surprise Ankita by flying down to Mumbai and spent the entire day with her on the sets.

She then celebrated her real and reel parents anniversaries together with the entire unit! They enjoyed a lot with her and her colleagues and it was a wonderful experience! Her mom had seen her shooting. But when her dad saw her in action for the first time, he couldn’t believe that it was his daughter who was giving the shots! The whole day and the entire night her parents were there on the sets.

Ankita with her boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput

Archana aka Ankita has been dating her Pavitra Rishta co – star, heartthrob Sushant Singh Rajput who debuted in the silver screen industry with the blockbuster movie Kai Po Che for a long time. They have been into a courtship since five long years and have recently headed towards a live-in relationship!

Ankita with boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput at a film promotional

Rumor is doing rounds that Ankita and Sushant have already tied the knot. The lovey – dovey couple is said to have entered into matrimony last year in Ujjain but they have concealed the fact owing to their respective careers. Close pals of Ankita and Sushant are very much aware of their marital status.

Ankita & boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput out on a date

They took the plunge after Ankita’s parents raised objection to their live – in relationship! When Ankita’s family members came to know that she’sintoa live – in relationship with boyfriend Sushant, they got outraged. They opposed the move at first and then insisted that the couple must get married. Sushant and Ankita gave in to their demands; it’s just that they have chosen to not announce it due to the demands of their respective careers!

Ankita with boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput at an event

However, Ankita and Sushant are supposed to marry officially this year as the couple are now ready to take their relationship to the next level. They have always been open about their relationship and have not shied away from the public glare. Their relationship dates back to the time when they both starred in Balaji Telefilm’s Pavitra Rishtra!

Ankita with boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput on a day out

TV actor turned bollywood superstar Sushant Singh Rajput, after delivering two back to back hits with Kai Po Che and Shudhh Desi Romance, is currently busy shooting for Detective Byomkesh Bakshi in Kolkata. Looks like he wants to finish the project before April, in order to take some time off for the wedding preparations. Ankita too is busy winding up work so that she cantake a break and enjoy her married life with Sushant!

Ankita & boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput pose for a photoshoot