Ashish Kapoor is one of the most handsome actors in the Indian television industry. The Delhi born actor is very well known for his roles in Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage, Ssshhh…Phir Koi Hain, Dekha Ek Khwab and Yeh rishta Kya Kehlata Hain. Acting co-incidentally came his way. He is a trained interior designer who never thought of becoming an actor in the wildest of his dreams. He started with some small roles in Shhhh Phir Koi Hain and Bandhini. He was then offered some good lead roles. Currently he is doing two roles in serials that have good popularity.

Ashish Kapoor at a photo shoot

Ashish Kapoor as UdayVeer

Ashish Kapoor attained fame with his role in the serial Dekha Ek Khwab. He played the lead role Yuvraj where he was paired opposite Priyal Gor. He played the role of a prince who belonged to a royal family. He wanted to marry Manyata to get the control of both the states. However he ends up falling in love with her. Ashish Kapoor played a negative role in the serial. He also played a lead role in Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage that was aired on Sony. He played Sahil in the serial. Unfortunately the serial went off air in January 2013. The show Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage got a good start. The concept of the show was good and it managed to get a good audience.

Ashish Kapoor and Priyal Gor in Dekha Ek Khwab

Ashish Kapoor and Priyal Gor at an event

Ashish Kapoor started his career with small roles. He was given a chance in Ssshhh Phir Koi hain. He played the lead role with the name Vikram. He was then seen in many serials.  He was also seen as an undercover agent in Emotional Atyachaar that was aired on UTV Bindass. The show was for those who wanted to test the loyalty of their partners. He came in the limelight with his role in Dekha Ek Khwab where he played the role of Prince Uday Veer. He then became the most dashing bachelor of the tellyworld. He played a complicated role in the serial. In the beginning he plays a negative character and plans a conspiracy against Manyata, the princess. Later he falls in love with her. He was highly appreciated for his role in Dekha Ek Khwab.

Ashish Kapoor and Priyal Gor shoot for Dekha Ek Khwab

Though Ashish entered into the entertainment industry coincidentally, he was interested in acting since childhood. He participated in many events and acting shows from his childhood days. Acting has been his hobby since childhood. His family and friends always advised him to try his luck in acting. He was lucky that he chose his hobby as his profession.

Ashish Kapoor shoots for his serial

Ashish Kapoor in Ssshhh…Phir Koi Hain

Ashish was first seen in Ssshhh…Phir Koi Hain. He mentioned in an interview that he had to pass through six auditions with the look test. He was selected after he passed all the auditions and they started with the shooting immediately in seven days.  When asked about his character Veer he said that he could see many variations in the character. There was comedy, romance and thrill. He could add many variations to the character and he couldn’t get any other platform better than this.

Ashish Kapoor in one of his roles

Ashish Kapoor as Udayveer

Udayveer or Uday was a cool handsome young prince. He was the elder son of Unnati and the first heir of the royal family. He was selfish by nature but had a heart of gold at times. Girls fall for him so he had many girlfriends at a time. He acted to be an angel in front of the Rajmata hiding his real image.  He was seen in his real personality with his friends, girlfriends and J. As he was one of the wealthiest persons in the town, he made fun of those who were not as wealthy as he was. He was shown to be a dashing, independent and smart personality. His personality attracted many girls towards him and with his smart personality he fooled people showing that he was a kind hearted person. Priyal is a charming girl who plays the main lead in the serial opposite the dashing Prince. Both of them managed to get good TRP for the serial.

Ashish Kapoor in a press meet

Ashish in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain

Ashish was also seen in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain that was aired on Star Plus. It is one of the oldest serials on Star Plus. He played the role of Nikhil Deora paired opposite to Rashmi. He came from a modern family than the Singhanias. Though it was a small role, Ashish made it quite interesting with his acting skills.

Ashish Kapoor in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehtlata Hain

Ashish Kapoor in Bandhini

Ashish was also seen in Bandhini which was one of the longest running series on NDTV Imagine. This show was about Santu who was married to an elderly man. The show focused the character of the women and her fight with the destiny. This was the most watched and awarded show on NDTV Imagine. Ashish Kapoor played the role of Vikram who was Suraj Mahyavanshi’s son. He showed himself to be a tough guy but was soft from heart.

Ashish Kapoor after Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage

After his show Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage went off air Ashish Kapoor has been missing television a lot. He wants to get back to the television with a bang. He has always wanted to take part in Jhalak Dikhlaja, a dance show on Sony TV. He is waiting for the right opportunity to get back to the television. He is spending his time with his family and friends. He was unable to contribute time to his family due to heavy work load. He added that he would love to do different and challenging roles. He wanted to act in any large scale opportunity be it a commercial, television show or movie. He wants to experiment his talent with different roles. He is looking for the right role to get back to the screen. His fans are waiting to see the handsome actor back on screen.

Ashish Kapoor Rishika Mihani Samaira Rao and Himanshoo Malhotra at an event

Ashish Kapoor with his cast in Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage

Ashish Kapoor girlfriend

In his real life he was dating his reel life co-star Manyata. In an interview he mentioned that he was a very romantic person. Every day would be a valentine’s day if he had his loved one with him. He admitted that he was waiting to have a girlfriend like Katrina Kaif. Though Priyal and Ashish played enemies in the serial Dekha Ek Khwab, but they are more than friends off-screen.

Ashish Kapoor and Priyal Gor in holi celebration

Ashish Kapoor with his family

Ashish entered the acting career for his mom. He said in an interview that he is very happy to see smiles on his mother’s face. His mom is very happy with his decision of making his career in the television industry.  This is making him focus more on his work. He added that he thought his eyes were the most expressive features. He wanted to stick to the acting profession for his mom.

Ashish Kapoor in a shoot

He added that he was a fun loving and homely person. He loves to spend time with his family. He was good at humor and could bring a smile on anyone’s face.  He had a good rapport with his co-stars as well. He played pranks on them on the sets. Mandira aka Anupriya Kapoor often fell victim to his pranks.

Ashish Kapoor in his role

Ashish Kapoor controversies

Ashish was in news recently for some wrong reasons. There were speculations that the actor was married and divorced twice. This is really shocking news for the fans of the handsome guy. One of the sources informed that he had an affair with Priyal apart for his marriage. The source also added that one of his marriages came to end due to his affair with Priyal. On further investigation it came to limelight that one of Ashish’s spouses was Sanjana Bhatia. However, the sources could not get too much information about Sanajna and Ashish’s relationship. When the sources tried to contact Ashish about the news, he replied to the questions in a very jovial manner. He said that the news was rubbish and he was not in a mood to enter into any relationship. He has left the decision with his mom and she would find an ideal match when she thinks he is ready for marriage. He replied to the confirmation SMS in a funny manner. He replied that he was married 17 times and had 34 kids. He also added the source was one amongst his wives or kids. The investigators were really amused with his reply.

Ashish Kapoor poses shirtless

Ashish Kapoor and Priyal Gor’s relationship is a well-known issue. They were very open about their relationship. But with Ashish’s new show Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage rumors mills ground out gossip about their break up. Sources state that the relationship and the break up was only a publicity gimmick and not real. The breakup was only to increase the TRP of the show and bring it in the limelight. Priyal Gor refused to comment when asked about their breakup. Ashish had his own version of the answer to the question. He said that they were very young to think about marriage. He wanted to focus on his career right now.

Ashish Kapoor with his pet

Currently Ashish is away from television and waiting for some good roles. In the meantime the actor likes to work out. He is very regular about his workouts. He does not miss visiting the gym even on a hectic day. In an interview he stated that waking up fat would be biggest and deadliest nightmare. He would then devote all his time in losing weight to get back to shape. He is a fitness freak.

Ashish Kapoor in a modelling photo