Most of us know about the very hot item girl Rakhi Sawant. She is multi talented lady who is not only a fabulous dancer but along with dancing she has also shown her talents as an actor who has debuted many Bollywood films and soaps. She has also been very successful as a host in Television talk show. Along with her predominance in Bollywood she has also been seen acting in Kannda, Telegu and Tamil.

Sexy Rakhi Sawant posing

In the beginning when sexy Rakhi began her career she was a low budget artist dancing and acting in low budget films.  In 2003 she got a break through in Mahabbat Hai Mirchi composed by Himmesh Reshimiya as an item girl. She also bagged a small role in the film. This is the point from which she started gaining popularity. Some other movies where she played small roles were Masti and the SRK starrer Main Hoon na.

Rakhi Sawant showing off her sexy back

In 2005, hot Rakhi Sawant did a music video on Pardeshi which showed her great dancing ability once again. This makes her one of the most famous item girls in Bollywood.

Rakhi Sawant playing dhol while wearing a backless dress at a birthday party

Though sizzling Rakhi has been very successful in most of her performances recently her bold and boisterous nature is matter of big controversy. The young bubbly actress has been very often criticized not only for her outrageous behavior but also her exposing necklines and cleavage showing dresses.

Rakhi who is very popularly named as a drama queen says that she has been cheated by Bollywood. She says that she does not want to work on the big screen anymore, as she has been betrayed. The daring Rakhi says that she has more courage to work for the film industry and she will stick to only her small screen projects.

The drama queen always gets into various awkward situations. She was flying for a stage show with her boyfriend and Ms. Sawant was unaware that she got tickets in economy class and went and sat in business class. When she asked to shift she created a lot of chaos and even abused the flight attendant. The ground crew had to come to settle the dispute but was not successful so they decided to leave the matter there and move on with their journey.

From her behavior it is understandable that these are publicity stunts and that for her all publicity is good publicity. Her publicity tactic has not ends. On Valentine’s Day too she did not stop her publicity. She reported slapped her boyfriend Abhishek Awasti.

Rakhi Sawant knows how to grab attention. She was silent for some time when she all of a sudden said that she wants to marry Baba Ramdev which set everyone to gossip about it. The item girl confesses her liking towards Ramdev whom she prefers to call Swami Ramdev.

She reports that previously she was had an affinity towards Rahul Gandhi but now it’s Ramdev who is her dream man. She says that she feels attracted towards him whenever she sees him and wants to get married to him. She plans to invite him so that she can propose him. She is very impressed by the manner Ramdev resolved the issue of black money in the economy. This was also a attention seeking tactic said many as her show Gajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaniya is going to be launched in sometime.

Rakhi Sawant in a surprised look

People and viewers are not fools that they do not understand  her attention seeking tactics in and out and know what kind of drama Rakhi is capable of coming up with.

There are many who point out that these are simply attention grabbing techniques. The seductive actor has annoying traits, say many in the film industry.

Rakhi Sawant adjusting herself Hot Rakhi Sawant showing her cleavage in an advertisement