Barun Sobti with his dad Raj Sobti, wife Pashmeen Manchanda & mom

Barun Sobti Father – Raj Sobti

Raj Sobti taught Barun at an early age that taking decisions is important— whether they are right or wrong. If you take a decision in time, even a bad one can turn into a good one in the long run and vice versa.His father is responsible for him being the man he is!

After completing his schooling from St. Mark’s School, New Delhi, he began workingto ease his father’s financial burdenat the age of 17.

Barun Sobti with his dad Raj Sobti

Barun was an Operations Manager at Jindal Telecom. Showbiz was never Barun’s first career option. Seven years after toiling, he decided to give acting a go. He was forced into acting by his best friend Karan Wahi (Dr. Sid of Dill Mill Gayye who was last seen in Nach Baliye Season 6), who had already bagged many TV shows.But being 25 years old, he considered himself to be too old for a debut in the television industry, according to the industry standards. His dad,as well, wasn’t too pleased by the idea of him switching to a career with an uncertain future. “I couldn’t just leave before making sure that my dad would still be comfortable if my income stopped coming in for a year,” he said. Despite the obvious risks, he decided to take a chance.

He gets pretty scared when his dad raises his voice. His dad is a very kind man so he doesn’t do that too often. But looks like one really needs to piss him off to get yelled at! When Barun was small, he wanted ice cream when he was unwell. His dad refused to give me any. He then stole 7 bucks from his dad’s wallet. It was just 7 bucks, but his dad came to know that he had stolen and therefore slapped him quite hard. That was the only time his dad ever hit him. And today, even if he sees any note on the road, he just goes to a temple and gives it right away!

Barun Sobti Mother

Barun’s mom is a homemaker.

Prior to being an actor, Barun tried his luck into modeling. He was initially reluctant to join the small screen industry as his mom said that everyone can’t be Shahrukh Khan! But then he decided to give it a shot!

Barun Sobti Sister – Richa Arora

Barun has got an elder sister named Richa Arora.

Barun Sobti Brother

Barun has got a brother who works in a Tata showroom.

Barun Sobti Wife – Pashmeen Manchanda

Barun was in the ninth standard when he first met Pashmeen, now his wife. They were in love, but Pashmeen wasn’t sure if she wanted to marry Barun. Later, when she went to Australia for her higher studies, both of them realized that they couldn’t imagine their lives without each other. Pashmeen then realized that she was in love with Barun! They have been together ever since.

Barun Sobti with his wife Pashmeen Manchanda

Barun’s wife was the topper in Class 12 from St. Marks School, New Delhi.She graduated in finance major from La Trobe University, Australia in 2007. Pashmeen is not from the TV industry. She works in a reputed multinational accounting firm.

Barun with his wife Pashmeen Manchanda

When Barun was 16, he wanted to buy a gift for Pashmeen, his girlfriend then. His brother used to workin a Tata showroom. In order to earn money, he dumped cars from the showroom to the dump yard throughout the night. He was paid Rs.2000.

Barun with wife Pashmeen Manchanda

There haven’t been any lows in their relationship as such, but like any other couple, they keep fighting on and off. Having a long-distance relationship was the high. ‘It was tough to stick by each other for five years, but we did it’, said Barun!

Barun ultimately tied the knot to his childhood sweetheart on 12th December 2010. It was a simple wedding ceremony held at a Gurudwara in the presence of some friends and relatives.

Barun & Pashmeen Manchanda wedding pics

Barun surprises wife Pashmeen Manchanda

His rugged look and intense character on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya NaamDoon, won him many female fans, but clearly his heart only beats for his wife. Looks like Pashmeen too hardly minds his huge female fan – following!

Life post marriage seems not to have changed a bit for Barun. The cutest thing about being in a relationship is that one always misses being around his / her partner.

Barun & Pashmeen Manchanda honeymoon pics

But after marriage, the good part is that you’ve got them forever. You have everything you wanted, and there’s nothing more to achieve. ‘As for adjustments, I think every relationship changes every day’, said he.

One thing that Pashmeen hates about hubby Barun is that he presumes things at times even before she utters!

Barun & Pashmeen Manchanda romantic pics

Pashmeen is the first one to apologise after a fight. She’s quite practical and wants to make things better and therefore always makes the first attempt. ‘Main mooh phulata hoon’, said Barun. She needs to convince him to get back to normal!

Barun with wife Pashmeen Manchanda

Once Barun went to Australia to meet his wife. They went to a restaurant and ordered food. The dish that he had ordered didn’t taste good so his wife readily switched her plate with his which, according to him, was a very sweet gesture. Probably it was that moment when he fell in love with Pashmeen all over again!

Barun & wife Pashmeen Manchanda

Barun was enjoying with his wife in London when his show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon was abruptly pulled off air, blissfully unaware of the hysteria he had caused back home.

Barun with wifee Pashmeen Manchanda

Fans were quite disappointed with the abrupt ending as they wanted a happy ending. Fans did not seem to watch the show with a replacement in place of Barun. Accepting a new face was definitely not going to work and this was the only reason Star had taken the sudden decision of pulling it off the air!

Barun with  wife Pashmeen Manchanda & a cute baby