Born in the year 1984, on the 21st of August Barun Sobti was a brilliant child who always had his visions clear. Television happened accidentally in Barun’s life. Born into a traditional Punjabi family where there were no links with the glamour industry, Barun was a very ambitious man with a clear idea about his career. He worked as an operation manager in a large company for many years before entering the Indian television industry.

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Barun was always the center of attention in his college as well as in his school. He turned many heads with his killer looks and great appeal. He has always been a very private person and because of his privacy he has never been dragged into the dirty circle of relationships and break-ups. Barun in his stint in television industry has never been linked with any of his co-stars. Sanaya is his co-star in Star Plus’s famous daily soap Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Du.

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Barun is a great actor according to his co-stars and is very dedicated in his work. He is quite an introvert too and doesn’t like mixing with new people much. He likes to keep his circle small with close knit friends. Barun loves his family very much and being a very private person, he kept his whole wedding ceremony under wraps from the media.

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Barun has never been involved with any of his co-stars in any alleged link ups or flings. Though the industry has always tried to find fodder, he has disappointed them all by not providing any gossip. He is a one woman man who has always loved his childhood sweetheart Pashmeen.

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Barun loves to work out, and hence has a very sexy physique. This actor has all the elements of a successful actor. He knows how to hold on to the hearts of his fans and how to woo them. His fan following includes women aged from fifteen to fifty. When he got married he broke millions of hearts. He has many crazy fans as well, girls who often drop in at his shoots or catch him at some public places like shopping malls and theaters  However, in spite of all this attention Barun has never lost his calm. He is very sweet to his fans and greets them all in very calm and composed manner.

Barun Sobti at an award ceremony

 Pashmeen Manchanda was Barun Sobti’s girlfriend for a long time and is now his wife. They studied from the same school and spent the most beautiful period of their youth together. Pashmeen is proud to have Barun as her husband. She is a quiet and simple girl and in character is a lot like Barun. They are very close to each other and know each other’s strength and weaknesses very well. Pashmeen is a Punjabi too and not from the glamour industry. She is like Barun when it comes to handling the lime light she is an introvert too. A little birdie from the industry has revealed that Pashmeen works with JP Morgan.