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With the advent of Twitter, our favorite stars have started interacting with the audience directly. This was not always the case. Earlier, film and tv stars lived in their little secluded cocoons. Without any source of information like the World Wide Web or any of our very popular social networking sites, their lives were always a mystery.

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This social networking site provides you with a unique name known as your Twitter Handle. Here you can upload pictures, tag other people in your statuses and even have over a million followers. Since Bollywood stars are always updating their thought on Twitter, why should Tellywood stars be far behind? Kritika Kamra tweests her words for the world on her Twitter handle, @Kritika_Kamra and she has a great fan following too.

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When on Women’s Day she tweeted that women should stop sacrificing, it generated a lot of debate, leading to many people asking questions regarding her mindset as well. With the last few days of shooting left for her show Kuch Toh Log Kahenge, she tweeted that she will be taking a break and possibly going to Europe. With Twitter becoming a platform for expression, tweets by Kritika Kamra seem to be generating a lot of interest and discussions among her fans.

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Sources say that with the advent of Twitter and Facebook, it has become increasingly difficult for the media to fabricate stories about various stars. This is awesome as the media can be very cruel and it prevents people’s reputation from getting tarnished. Twitter and Facebook are easily accessible and through these, fans can interact with the stars personally.

Cute Kritika Kamra

Many accusations have been made that these websites aren’t actually handled by the stars, but by their secretaries or personal assistants. However, most of these accounts are original and the proof of the pudding lies in the fact that they are Tweeting or Facebooking all the time. For instance, Kritika Kamra on Twitter shares not only her thoughts, but also articles which have been written about her which fans would be interested in reading.

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Kritika Kamra in a hot yellow saree

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