Disha Parmar, a sweet girl from Delhi is making a buzz in the television industry. She entered the television industry with a show on Star Plus. The cute little girl is really creating waves in the industry. Pankhuri is the new name given to her. She is very well known as Pankhuri in the industry. It may not be her first show in this industry but with this show she has achieved a good position. This has been one of the best chances she might have got in her life. She used the opportunity well. Her simple girl next door image in the show attracted several audiences towards the show. Currently it is among one of the most watched television shows on Star Plus.

Disha Parmar as Pankhuri in her show

Disha Parmar looking cute in traditional look

Disha Parmar as Pankhuri

Disha Parmar poses for a photo

Disha Parmar’s biography

Disha Parmar is a resident of Delhi. She was seen in some commercials and advertisements when she was in Delhi. She completed her schooling in Delhi. She was offered a role to play in Rajshree’s next show. She used the opportunity well and decided to grab the offer. She accepted the role and got a good platform to showcase her talent. She was the main lead in the show. Everybody in the industry wants to reach the highest position in a very less time. Even Disha wanted to make it big in the industry. She left her studies midway and started her career as Pankhuri in Pyar Ka Dard Hain Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara. Since then there has been no looking back for her. She is paired opposite Nakuul Mehta in the show.

Disha Parmar and Nakuul Mehta together in a traditional avatar

Disha Parmar in Pyar Ka Dard Hain Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara

The show Pyar Ka Dard Hain Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara is all about family and relationships. Pankhuri is a calm girl living in Manali with her big family. She is attached to her family. She respects her family traditions and values a lot. She wants her family to stay united always. She is soft spoken and tries to help people as much as possible. Nakuul who plays the role of Aditya in the serial is quiet opposite to Pankhuri. He is born and brought up outside India. He is completely unaware about the culture of our country and does not respect the traditions of a family. He does not believe being in a relationship. His parents get divorced when he was very young. This makes him think that relationships do not last long and marriage only results in divorce. His parents keep fighting for some or the other reason that irritates him. All this makes him a different person in Pankhuri’s eyes. Both of their families arrange a meeting for Pankhuri and Aditya. Both of them start liking each other at the first sight but their first meeting doesn’t turn to be a good meeting. Their families start hating him for his behavior. However they get married at a point without the parent’s permission.

Disah Parmar and Nakuul Mehta perform at an event

Disha Parmar and Nakuul Mehta at an awards function

Disah Parmar and Nakuul Mehta in their show

Disha Parmar performs at an event

Disha’s entry into the industry

Disha is currently on cloud nine. She is grabbing all the attention in the industry with her role in Pyar Ka Dard Hain Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara. She took a major risk but that didn’t go in vain. She is getting a good response for the decision she took some time back. Her family didn’t support her decision at that time. It was critical to leave her studies at that time. However they accepted her decision later and allowed her to achieve her dream. Her family is now with her in Mumbai since last six months. She lives with her family in Mumbai. She has an elder brother Gaurav.

Disha Parmar with her elder brother Gaurav Parmar

Disha Parmar in her real life

Disha’s lifestyle

It is known that Disha completed her studies from Delhi. She completed it from Sadhu Vaswani International High school for Girls.  Since then she was interested in dance and theatre shows. She participated in all the events like dance competitions, fashion shows and plays. She was seen working in a company called Elite Model Management Company. There they held the auditions. She also gave the auditions. She was then selected to play the role of Pankhuri in the show. Rajshree productions being one of the most famous production houses, she got a good chance to begin her career.

Disha Parmar in a modelling shoot

Disha Parmar in a modelling photograph

Disha Parmar in a traditional avtar

Disha Parmar in her real life

Disha Parmar is somewhat the same in her real life. She is a reserved person. She likes to be alone and does not mingle with people. She loves listening to music. She also likes to sleep a lot and many are not aware of her habit.

Disha Parmar looking beautiful in a blue dress

Jay Soni’s compliments for Disha Parmar

Recently in an interview Jay Soni complimented Pankhuri aka Disha Parmar. He said that he was a very simple person and wanted to marry a simple girl like Pankhuri in Pyar Ka Dard Hain Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara. He said that there was something that made her attractive. He is receiving too many marriage proposals these days but he sticks to the point that he wants to marry a simple girl like Pankhuri.

Disha Parmar looking cute in traditional look

Disha Parmar in a traditional dress

Nakuul Mehta and Disha Parmar on sets

Nakuul and Disha are friendly on the sets. Nakuul is a prankster and he plays too many pranks on the sets. Disha has been one of the victims of his pranks. Recently it was seen that Disha was tensed on the sets. She went through a trauma recently. She is very afraid of the supernatural beings. She watched some horror movies with her friend and that affected her a lot. She was very afraid even on the sets and didn’t want to stay alone. She was terrified and was continuously worried of the trauma. Nakuul surprisingly got to know about this incident. He is a prankster and this news was really big for him to play a prank on Disha. He decided to play a prank on her and he was successful in doing it. She was very scared initially and she used to run out of the sets. Slowly this helped her to come out of the fear and she was out of it completely. It may still take some time to watch a horror film again but for now she is out of the fear.

Disha Parmar in a hot look

Disha Parmar poses for a modelling photo shoot