From playing the pretty, talkative doctor in Dill Mill Gaaye to the tortured love interest of RK in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, Drashti Dhami has come a long way on the silver screen. She started off with advertisements for companies like Reliance Mobile and Chevrolet as a model. She has played the damsel in distress in her latest serial pretty well. In her role as Madhubala, we see her suffering through the toils which RK puts her through, but is there any love in the relationship? Does RK in secrecy love her? This we can leave only up to the story. As it progresses we will be able to see whether the affection RK shows towards her is fake or real. As of now, we can say that the story with all its twists and turns is still holding onto the audience’s attention. The producers may be dragging it a bit and RK’s “evil” laugh may sound like it is a result of a digestive disorder, rather than a sign of his malevolence – but the show is still doing very well.

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