One of the essential struggles that individuals tend to have is the ability to balance their personal and professional lives. There are always two worlds they have to reside in, the personal one or home and the professional one or office and they have to make sure that in both these scenarios they are able to be at their very best. If they start prioritizing one of the worlds and start giving more time and concentration to one of them, automatically the other will suffer. This effect is especially pronounced for actors and individuals who are part of television shows. The shoot hours are so extreme and at such odd times that it becomes a very tough job to actually think about having another world excluding the set.

Ram Kapoor with his kid

Taking the example of a prominent actor and celebrity, Ram Kapoor, as we know is part of many television shows as well as many movies. So it goes without saying that the greater part of his day is spent outside shooting in different locations and sets. But he is also a married man and has a family, with two kids. He needs to also be an active member of the family and spend enough and proper time with them. Luckily, his wife understands, as she herself is from the same field and has often worked alongside her husband in a few television shows. She says that even though it seems pretty easy on paper to chalk out time for the kids, in reality, by the time they are home, the kids have mostly fallen asleep. But there’s always time to be made for family and so do they.

Ram Kapoor cuddling his children Ram Kapoor relaxing on bed with his kid

Ram Kapoor’s kids are a young girl and a younger boy, of ages seven and four respectively. They have been named Sia and Aks Kapoor by their loving parents. Ram says that no matter where he goes for his shoots on far-off locations he always carries a picture of his family and makes sure he is always in touch, via phone or otherwise. When shooting on set he tries and squeezes in time to make sure he doesn’t miss out on his kid’s events, like music class or a parent-teacher meeting etc.

Handsome Ram Kapoor in a white shirt Ram Kapoor with a hot suit Ram Kapoor at award ceremony Ram Kapoor is smiling Ram Kapoor is enjoying party with his sister

Ram Kapoor is a great father. His wife too echoes the same stressing on the fact that even when they were toddlers, Ram would be up all night making sure they are comfortable and used to even take time off work to help her out with the babies.

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