In the world of television there are various stars shining in their own way. Some gain popularity due to their attention grabbing performances, some make their name by their charm and personality, whereas others achieve fame due to their personal lives. This sudden popularity of television actors and actresses mainly take place on the internet.

Imran Abbas traveling in a rickshaw

This is truly the age of the internet and everything seems to be online nowadays. Thus, to find hot pictures of your favorite actors and actresses, one just needs to log on to Google which is a click away. Simply type out his or her name in a general Google search and watch the magic unfold before your eyes. The constant invasion on privacy, which the stars are forced to bear, is not only restricted to superstars. The topics which are the most appealing to the audience are the lives, the personal experiences and most importantly the hot pictures of stars who they adore.

Beautiful wife of Imran Abbas

This addictive fanfare is not only applicable in India but is also a common affair in Pakistan. Imran Abbas Naqvi, a Pakistani television actor, has already become a heartthrob due to his strong screen presence and charming personality. He made his way as an actor in this industry with the TV drama Khuda Aur Mohabbat. For someone who initially entered as a film actor, he gradually stepped into television, drama, daily soaps and became a common household name very quickly. The shows in which you can see him are Dil e Muztar and Main Manto.

Hot dude Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas going topless Hot Imran Abbas showing his attitude

Girls go crazy for him but on a recent television chat show, he has revealed that he has been married to Aleena Abbas. According to his fans the couple look as if they are made for each other. The hot pics of Imran Abbas wife, Aleena Abbas , have already gone viral on all search engines and web portals.

Imran Abbas is looking very hot

Aleena’s hot pictures include images from before she was married, as well as her recent pictures. Some pics show the love struck couple holding hands as well as others in which they clearly display their love. After the pictures have been circulated, Aleena has gained a number of fans and is even one of the most Googled celebrities in Pakistan nowadays.

The handsome hunk Imran Abbas

Although she has not been professionally trained, Aleena Abbas’s hot pics display her in picture perfect poses. This is a great advantage when you are someone who is constantly hounded by the press and your fans. Previously, a pretty face usually meant a pretty picture. However, nowadays, along with this pretty face comes a great figure.

Superb hairstyle of Imran Abbas

Though majority of Imran’s female fans are not at all happy with these pics but there are fans too who are praising Aleena a lot. The viewership of these hot pictures is increasing day by day. This is what a star must face when brought to the limelight by the media and I do not think Imran Abbas or his wife are one to complain.

The killer attitude of Imran Abbas