In the earlier days, there was a great amount of fanaticism for the celebrities and the actors and actresses. Wherever people would spot their favorite stars here and there they would rush to them and ask to be allowed to take pictures with them. The adulation has not changed but what has is it’s form of expression. In today’s world where Internet is the primary source to find out about every little thing, one does not need to spot or follow their favorite stars and celebrities. If they wish to find out more about their stars, they find it on Wikipedia; if they want to know what they are up to, they can find them on Twitter, the latest networking site for all fans who wish to connect with their movie and television stars.

The next door girl Sanaya Irani

This latest trend is more prominent in the case of teenage actors and actresses who are just stepping into the small screen. Sanaya Irani, is an excellent example; she started off her career with a television show which mainly revolved around the relationships of teenagers in college. The show was an instant hit, and soon she had been promoted to the status of a celebrity. Sure enough, not long after that, she was seen to be on Twitter, and people instantly began to follow her. This in turn boosted her popularity and expanded her fan base as more and more sections of the audience got a chance to get close to her life through Twitter.

Sanaya Irani seems to be talking Beautiful smile of Sanaya Irani

Now the thing about Twitter was that one couldn’t post anything but could only view the details and the activities of the people they were following. However, one could write to their favorite celebrities in the form of a direct message, and often at time they would also get a reply back. This was extremely exciting as it would mean a direct conversation with the stars themselves. But generally, the celebrities on Twitter do not really reply to direct messages that much, and in fact, some don’t even post much on Twitter about their activities either. This can be due to an abundance of reasons, firstly with their hectic schedules they rarely get free time to look through all the messages and reply. Secondly and most importantly with the huge number of fans each celebrity has nowadays, it’s impossible to be able to reply to thousands of direct messages sent their way every day.

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Sanaya Irani on Twitter however is an exception to this case. Not only does she find time to mention and post about her daily activities on Twitter, but she also takes an active role in replying to, if not all, at least most of her followers. She also makes sure she clicks enough pictures of where she is shooting and from other parts of her life, so that they may later be available to the audience via Twitter. All in all, her fans feel extremely pacified and grateful that she is so caring and concerned.

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