The thing about the world of television and that of the big screen are that the actors and actresses there never stick to one particular genre; thereby one shall always find them trying out different roles and different types of projects – in fact, the greater the versatility, the greater is the praise of the individual these days. If a person who is able to do justice to more than one type of role, is obviously blessed with the talent and skills to become a great television personality. Krushna Abhishek is one such fine example of an actor who started his career in the world of films and then later of course transitioned into many different projects, some even quite unheard of before. As of the present, Krushna Abhishek’s age is about thirty-three, and he is not only a renowned Indian film actor, but also a stand-up comedian.

Comedian Krushna Abhishek smiling

In India, as of a decade ago, the only thriving form of art seemed to be the Bollywood world and the television industry. Both of these however, featured a variety of arts and performances, except one which concentrated solely on the act of comedy. Stand-up comedy had been heard before in the land here, but really no efforts had been taken up to ensure that it was given a national platform. One does tend to raise the question then, that how come when the art itself not flourished properly does a man like Krushna Abhishek make his mark in it in less than a decade of its discovery?

Krushna Abhishek inside a swimming pool Krushna Abhishek posing for the camera

The answer lies in the sudden expansion of the world of stand-up comedy and the sudden onset of talent in the form of stand-up comedians. The earliest memory of this event was a national show on a particular channel, which was exclusively about coming up on stage and delivering a stand-up act. One needs to remember that although it was new here, it was quite prominent in the countries outside and more so in the West; so people had an idea of the format and the manner of the proceedings. Oddly enough, even as the first couple of seasons of the show went by, Krushna Abhishek was nowhere to be seen in any of them. There were other talented professionals who stole the limelight and did but one thing – promote stand-up comedy across the nation. The audience began to love the acts and the shows were a rage among all age-groups in the audience. So stand-up comedy had made its mark in India, but still renowned stand-up artists were far from even being discovered.

Krushna Abhishek relaxing on the staircase Handsome Krushna Abhishek in a black tshirt

Krushna first appeared on television as part of a certain television show, after his brief stint in certain movies. The year was 2007 and he had just made a few roles in a couple of television serials. But somehow even those minute renditions to the character and his funny demeanour seemed to have the audience in a fit. Since then, he was employed mostly as the comic relief for the shows that he participated in. That was fruitful because that ‘sense of humour’ in his characters’ nature was exactly what got him a chance to play an act on ‘Comedy Circus’, a very popular television show celebrating stand-up comedy. He participated alongside a regular stand-up comedian just as a guest role but little did he know that that was about to be the start of a different career for him; one that he had never imagined before.

Krushna Abhishek with hot babe Kashmira Shah Krushna Abhishek in jeans

Krushna Abhishek’s age was now barely thirty, when he was paired with the stand-up comedian Sudesh Lehri, for a few episodes of ‘Comedy Circus’. At first, they barely even knew each other, and thus tried to co-operate and finish the task as provided. As the acts began to unfold, it was observed that the duo was quite perfect in their work and in their renditions of the acts. In fact, it was around that time that Krushna began to be really encouraged to take this up more seriously and even at times script the acts himself. This was a revelation seeing as it was generally both the responsibility and duty of the stand-up comedian to write the lines. But Krushna insisted that he does them. And they were good too. Soon they began to do shows outside and they were a huge success.

Krushna Abhishek in a traditional attire

They were loudly applauded by the mentors on the show, and even as the season ran out, the directors found some way to bring the pair back in the consecutive seasons. Even then they were absolutely brilliant; by this time Krushna had almost completely bowed out of the television shows that he was earlier a part of; he was said to have gone on record stating that he wishes to chase stand-up comedy as a full-time profession, and so he has been doing since. Needless to say, with that amount of determination and blessed with talent, he and his partner still continue to be part of the following seasons of ‘Comedy Circus’ and many more other stand-up related shows.

Krushna Abhishek is waiting to get into his car

As of the present date, one finds that Krushna has been offered a number of humorous roles in certain movies as well. And the banners are huge; not small production houses like the one he used to be part of earlier; he recently was part of a hilarious movie where he shared screen space with the well-known actor Mr Abhishek Bachhan. So in conclusion the career shift that he underwent is one of the best decisions of his life.