Pooja Gor is now more popularly known as Pratigya after her television show “Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya” on Star Plus.  Though she entered the Telly world with “Kitni Mohabbat hain”, she became popular as Pratigya. Currently she is working in Channel V’s show “The Serial”. Pooja Gor has done few but meaty roles in her serials. She has attained huge success in a very short time. She acted in few shows before “Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya” but didn’t get this fame. Though her pairing with Pratigya co-star is admired, she finds her real life pairing with Raj more interesting. Recently Pooja and Raj have stayed in the headlines due to their mysterious relationship status.

Pooja Gaur as Pratigya

As per the recent news, there is something going on in the actress’s personal life. It is said that the telly star is dating Raj Arora, one of her co-stars in “The Serial”.  They are not working together for the first time. They have already worked together in a horror show “Koi Aane ko hain”. At the end of this show they were best friends. They were in constant touch even after the show. Soon their long time friendship turned into love and they started dating each other. Since then they have been into news headlines due to their relationship.

Pooja Gaur at a photoshoot

The small town girl is now very open about her relationship with her boyfriend Raj Arora. Unlike other actresses, she is not keeping it a private affair. She has been in news for to her relationship and readiness to accept in public.

Pooja Gaur and Raj Singh Arora in a relationship

Pooja is said to be facing a tough time convincing her parents to accept her relationship with Raj. They are not happy with it. She has been very open about her relationship while Raj always felt uncomfortable speaking about it in public. He

Pooja Gaur with her family

Poojas parents thought that Raj was not a good choice for her. They were not comfortable with her relationship with Raj. At the end she was successful in convincing her parents. Her parents thought that too much of restriction could end into a rebel.

Pooja Gaur and Raj Singh Arora in The Serial

In an interview Pooja expressed that she was indeed in a relationship with Raj. She added that her parents were aware of the fact and didn’t have any objection.  Though they have been in a steady relationship, they are not thinking of marriage at present. They have got acceptance from both the sides and are happy with it. They want to concentrate on their careers for five more years. Pooja informed that both were too young to get married. The decision has been taken with the consent of both the families.

Pooja Gaur on Channel V's "The Serial"

Pooja is very happy to be a part of “The Serial” on channel V. She told in an interview that there are several reasons for this but the real reason is not unknown. She and Raj Singh Arora share the screen space together and this is making her happier. However she told in the interview that there were several reasons for this. She is more relieved now. She is able to sleep for 15 hours at a stretch. She also informed that she is able to take leave now. She also added a fact in the interview that she had always wanted to share the screen space with her long time boyfriend. It has become possible with this show.

In the same interview she was asked if the show was inspired from her real life. She answered that many have asked the same question before. She added that she handles the questions well and answers that they play their own lives and not as couples.

 Pooja Gaur at Big Television awards

She was also asked whether she feared that her image would be spoiled due to the talks made in public. She answered that she was very happy with her role and didn’t find any issues with it. She ended the interview saying that it was fun acting in “The serial”. It was more like hanging out than working.

There were recent gossips that informed the viewers that both of them were getting engaged soon. Pooja wanted to shift to the apartments where Raj lives.   However her parents were not convinced with her decision to get into a live-in relationship with Raj. They wanted her to get into a formal relation with Raj soon. Speculations were also made that both have been secretly engaged to each other. Pooja replied in surprise that they never thought of getting engaged and their engagement news was a rumor.

Pooja Gaur and Raj Singh Arora in talks these days

Amidst many who keep their relationship under wraps, Pooja is an exception. She has boldly faced the rumors and questions regarding her relationships. It is a fact that when the relationship of two stars gets public, people start talking about them. They start comparing their careers and this has put an end to many relationships.

Pooja and Raj are happy and thank the industry to have accepted their relation well. They have been in a steady relationship for some years. The small town actress is in a serious relation with Raj who was known as Yuvi for his role in Remix.

Pooja shifted to Mumbai some time ago. She was then acting as Pratigya that made her popular in the industry. They came closer after she shifted to Mumbai. Since then there have been several rumors till now. They have not been affected by any such rumors and are steadily moving ahead.

Pooja Gaur at an award function

Pooja Gor comes from a small city of Gujarat. Though she pursued her career in acting, she aspires to work in Axis bank one day. Even after becoming a popular television actress, she still wants to achieve her dream one day.  When asked about her dream in an interview, she informed that she wanted to fulfill her dream even now.

Raj Singh Arora, the Remix star is a law student. He started his career as a VJ and slowly entered into the television world with the show Remix. This show made him popular and he became well known as Yuvi. He was born in Jammu but brought up entirely in Mumbai. He is currently playing a good role in “The Serial”, a show being hosted on Channel V.

Pooja Gaur on a popular TV show

Raj is not so active in promoting his relation with Pooja. He thinks that people would misinterpret their relation. On the other side Pooja seems to be open about her relationship. She spoke openly in the interview she faced few days back. This has created many rumors in the industry. She claims that both of them are not affected by such rumors.