Kratika Sengar Family Members:

Kratika Sengar with her parents and brother
Father: Mr.Vedant

Mother: Mrs.Vedant

Brother: Anuraag

Ex-Boyfriend: Rajeev Sen

Boyfriend: Nikitin Dheer

Prospective Father-In-Law: Pankaj Dheer

Mr. and Mrs. Vedant – Kratika Sengar’s Parents

Kratika Sengar with her parents and brother

Kratika Sengar’s parents live in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Though, Kratika has often been seen with her parents on various occasions, not much is known about them. They definitely play a major role in her life because her marriage was arranged with their approval. Kratika has preferred to keep her personal family life separate from her public one and has chosen to keep details of her close family private.

Anuraag – Kratika Sengar Brother

Kratika Sengar with her brother, Anuraag.
Kratika Sengar with her brother, Anuraag.
Kratika Sengar with her brother, Anuraag.
Kratika Sengar on the plane with her brother, Anuraag.

Kratika Sengar’s brother is Anuraag. Anuraag is usually seen with Kratika during her outdoor shootings. He probably plays the role of companion and manager for his sister. From all accounts the brother-sister duo is close and the two share a comfortable relationship.

Rajeev Sen – Kratika Sengar Ex-Boyfriend

Kratika Sengar with then boyfriend, Rajeev Sen.
Kratika Sengar and Rajeev Sen's love exchanges on twitter.

In the beginning of 2014, there was a buzz in the media about an alleged romantic relationship between Kratika Sengar and Rajeev Sen, model and brother of former Miss Universe and actress Sushmita Sen. Mushy and love struck twitter messages between the two were all there for the world to see. But, things must have soured quickly because just, recently news of Kratika forthcoming marriage to another man hit the news headlines.

Nikitin Dheer – Kratika Sengar Boyfriend

Kratika Sengar with Nikitin Dheer.
Kratika Sengar with boyfriend, Nikitin Dheer.

In March, 2014, there were widespread reports about Kratika Sengar’s forthcoming marriage to film actor Nikitin Dheer. Nikitin is the son of veteran actor, Pankaj Dheer and is famous for his role as the baddie ‘Tangaballi’ in the superhit film Chennai Express. The celebrity couple are reported to be very much in love and Kratika has been spotted in Cape Town, visiting her beau as he shoots for the adventure reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi Darr ka Blockbuster. She calls herself blessed to have Nikitin Dheer and his family in her life. According to her it is an arranged cum love marriage. Nikitin’s father Pankaj must have been impressed with her while he was shooting his directorial debut film My Father Godfather, because he approached her parents to ask for her hand in marriage, for his only son Nikitin Dheer. Kratika and Nikitin’s relationship grew soon thereafter and blossomed into love. Kratika find Nikitin to be a ‘pure soul’ and loves the fact that the transparency in him is visible to all. The marriage date has not been fixed as yet for they have yet to finalize all details but, tentatively they have decided on the 3rd of September, 2014.

Pankaj Dheer – Kratika Sengar Prospective Father-In-Law

Nikitin Dheer with his father, Pankaj Dheer.
Kratika Sengar with Pankaj Dheer.

Well-known veteran actor Pankaj Dheer has made a name for himself not only in the film industry, but also in the television industry. When TV’s ‘Karna’ made his directorial debut with the film My Father Godfather, a film made entirely for the web audience, he came to know his film’s female lead, Kratika Sengar well and he liked her so much that he wanted her to be his daughter-in-law and his only son, Nikitin’s wife. He then, met up with Kratika’s parents and got the wedding set up.