Kushal Tandon Family Members:

Father: Billu Tandon

Mother: Sandhya Tandon

Grandfather: Lalji Tandon

Sister: Tina Tandon Bhushan

Sister: Bhavana Tandon Kapoor

Ex-to-ex-Girlfriend: Candy Brar

Ex-Girlfriend: Elena Boeva

Current Girlfriend: Gauhar Khan

Kushal Tandon with mom Sandhya Tandon, sisters Tina Tandon Bhushan and Bhavana Tandon Kapoor and dad Billu Tandon.jpg


Billu Tandon – Kushal Tandon Father

Telly actor Kushal Tandon has become a household fame as Viraat Singh Vadhera in from the daily soap Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai aired on the channel Star Plus.

Kushal’s father is Mr. Billu Tandon. He has transport and oil business and apart from that, he is the president of transport union in Uttar Pradesh.

Kushal Tandon's dad Billu Tandon

There had been a lot of talk about his father in India’s most controversial reality show Bigg Boss Season 7, in which Kushal had been one of the contestants. Kushal was caught revealing on camera about how his father had hired a telephonic service in Lucknow for sending out a voice message to the people urging them to vote for him and make him win the show (Bigg Boss).

Kushal Tandon with his dad Billu Tandon

This clip was shown by Salman Khan in the Weekend ka Vow episode of Bigg Boss which brought some big revelation for its viewers as it exposed Kushal’s unusual mode of remaining in the show and it surely miffed Kushal and his dad.  Kushal’s dad got quite upset and tried to get in touch with Salman through the channel but his efforts failed. The Lucknow based businessman thus remarked that the show’s TRP would nosedive after his son’s eviction! Kushal is loved by millions and has a great fan following. He said that Bigg Boss would have to take his son Kushal and girlfriend Gauhar back in order to maintain their TRP!

Kushal’s father after he got evicted from the Bigg Boss house said that ‘he is the winner for his family!’ The reaction of his fans on Twitter, Facebook and other online social networking sites truly proved it. Fans felt that his eviction was not justified after the biased drubbing by host Salman Khan!

Sandhya Tandon – Kushal Tandon Mother

Sandhya Tandon is Kushal’s mother. He pours his heart out to his mom. His parents understand him well but he has always been very close to his mom. Every time he needs something he just gets back to her. ‘I tell her everything including the girls in my life’, said he. Looks like Kushal’s a complete mamma’s boy!

Kushal Tandon with his mom Sandhya Tandon

Kushal Tandon with his mom Sandhya Tandon and sisters Tina Tandon Bhushan and Bhavana Tandon Kapoor

Kushal never has to call his mother as she calls him up all the time. Each time she makes a phone call he has to tell her what’s happening around him! Kushal said that he got to celebrate Mother’s Day with his mum last year as he was at home. He did everything to make his mother feel special on the day, gifted her with flowers and cake.

Kushal Tandon with his sister Tina Tandon Bhushan and mom Sandhya Tandon at a delhi wedding

And his mom fed him home-cooked food. He gorged on his favourite food – Tunday kebabs and had a fun time at home with his family!

Sandhya got upset after Kushal’s eviction from the Bigg Boss house but was also pleasantly surprised to see the support he got online. She was surprised to see the massive support from girls that her son had received online.

Lalji Tandon – Kushal Tandon Grandfather

Kushal’s grandfather is Lalji Tandon, a big name in politics in Uttar Pradesh. He is a senior leader of BJP. Lalji Tandon is a Lucknow Member of Parliament and Ex U.P minister and is also known to be very close to Atal Bihari Vajpayee (Ex Prime Minister of India).

Kushal hails from an influential political family of Uttar Pradesh. And thus it was heard that his father and grandfather both helped him garner much more votes in Bigg Boss Season 7.

Kushal Tandon with his mom Sandhya Tandon, sisters Tina Tandon Bhushan and Bhavana Tandon Kapoor and dad Billu Tandon.jpg


Tina Tandon Bhushan – Kushal Tandon Sister

Kushal has two elder sisters who adore him a lot. Tina Tandon Bhushan is the eldest among the siblings. He refers to his older sister Tina as his second mom. He shares almost everything with her and also consults her regarding important decisions in his life.

Kushal Tandon hugs his sister Tina Tandon Bhushan

Kushal Tandon with his sisters Tina Tandon Bhushan and Bhavana Tandon Kapoor.jpg


Bhavana Tandon Kapoor – Kushal Tandon Sister

Bhavana is Kushal’s elder sister next to Tina. They share a great bonding. But she is one of his harshest critics as well!

Kushal Tandon with his sister Bhavana Tandon Kapoor, nephew & niece


Candy Brar – Kushal Tandon ex-to-ex Girlfriend

Kushal Tandon was in a relationship with Candy Brar.  They dated sometime in the year 2000. But they parted amicably because both had different aspirations.

Incidentally, Candy who had also been a part of Bigg Boss 7, wanted to have a confrontation with him which did not happen because he was evicted from the house, before she could even meet him.

Kushal Tandon with his ex-ex girlfriend Candy Brar


Elena Boeva – Kushal Tandon Ex-Girlfriend

In the year 2010, Kushal went to New York to pursue an acting course in New York Film Academy (NYFA).  He met Elena Boeva, a model from Bulgaria. She was his classmate at NYFA, and the two hit it off right away. They had a long-distance relationship for two years!

Kushal Tandon with his ex girlfriend Elena Boeva

His parents knew about their relationship and even spent Christmas and New Year with them in Mumbai. Elena also visited his home in Lucknow. ‘It was awesome, I loved the tika his mom put on my forehead’, Elena said. She loved the food. Kushal’s mom made such amazing stuff.  She even enjoyed interacting with Kushal’s dad who seemed to be so much fun.

Kushal Tandon with his mom Sandhya Tandon, ex-girlfriend Elena Boeva and dad Billu Tandon

Home visits apart, even though they had been a steady relationship for a long time, but they were not ready to tie the knot as Kushal still seemed to find his feet in the industry. Elena, on the other hand, had a full-time business of accessories to look after.

Elena was ready to give up her work any day to stay with him. Being in Bulgaria she used to wonder what he would be doing right now, and why he didn’t answer her messages. She used to suspect him at times because he would always tell her he’s busy and not talk enough. But when she came to India for Nach Baliye, she got to understand what a tough life he leads. Television is such hard work and such crazy hours!

Kushal Tandon with his mom Sandhya Tandon, sister Tina Tandon Bhushan and ex girlfriend Elena Boeva


Kushal dated his entrepreneur girlfriend Elena during their dance performance stint in Nach Baliye 5.  They were eliminated early and did have a chance for wild-card entry but Kushal and Elena did not seem interested because it was heard that they had broken-up by then.

Gauhar Khan – Kushal Tandon Current Girlfriend

Bigg Boss love birds Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan’s love story started in the Bigg Boss house itself after Kushal broke up with Elena and Gauhar parted ways with Delhi-based guy named Sahil Peerzada whom she had been dating. But their love story had drastically come to halt after Kushal was forcibly evicted from the house.

Kushal Tandon with his girlfiend Gauahar Khan

However, after Kushal’s re-entry as the wild card entrant in the house, their love story definitely continued which gave a tough competition to the new born love birds Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli!

It was witnessed that as soon as Kushal stepped into the house, lady love Gauhar pounced on him and gave him a tight intimate hug! The duo were even spotted spending some quality time alone and exchanged hugs and of course, kisses too along with some roothna-manaana and a lot of puppy love!

Girlfiend Gauahar Khan feeding Kushal  Tandon

Kushal proposed to Gauhar and said that whether he wins the task or not he would like to say it in front of the whole world that he loves Gauhar a lot and that he would like to grow old with her.

Following the emotional proposal, she was touched and was moved to tears.

Kushal Tandon romancing girlfriend Gauhar Khan

After Gauhar made it to the end and won the show, Kushal met her on the sets and gave a romantic hug on stage and also kissed her on her forehead. Gauhar boldly said she will neither lie about her relationship with Kushal nor camouflage it. Their relationship is what it is!

Kushal Tandon with his girlfiend Gauahar Khan after she won Bigg Boss 7

The two came on the show, became friends and then it blossomed into love! She accredited her success to Kushal by saying that she could survive for so long in the Bigg Boss house because of him as he gave him strength which she needed the most and that encouraged her to make it happen.

Kushal Tandon hugs girlfriend Gauhar Khan.jpg


“We are going strong. We are exploring each other. I am happy, she is happy. We lead normal lives and are doing what couples who are in love do,” Kushal said. Gauahar and Kushal were next seen together in stunt-based reality show Fear Factor-Khatron Ke Khiladi. Kushal said having Gauhar on the show was a great support as they would pull each other up whenever there was an adverse situation.

They would boost each other up whenever one would feel low or went out of confidence. In some stunts they were partners, while in others they were pitted against each other but there was no competition between the two. But Kushal had to opt out of the show after just eight episodes because of an injury on his shoulder. However, he stayed with sweetheart Gauhar till she got eliminated from the show.

Kushal Tandon with his girlfiend Gauahar Khan inside the Bigg Boss house

The lovebirds appeared in a music video shot in Dubai, a romantic Sufi song Zaroori Tha sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and directed by Rahul Sood which was unveiled at the IIFA Awards in the US.  ‘The concept of the song is very interesting and more important has Gauahar and me together’, said he. The romantic Sufi number is about realising the value of a person after a break-up. They wanted a real happening couple. And since the two are so much into love, their sizzling jodi look made it look perfect! There is no dance or action in the song, it’s all about romance and chemistry, which they have in abundance.