Mahira Khan, the famous and versatile Pakistani actress, got married to Ali Askari in the year 2007. Ali Askari himself is a gifted gentleman. They now have a son whose name is Azlan. The wedding was a big occasion. Both of them looked beautiful and handsome.

Ali Aksari and Mahira Khan sharing a cozy moment

The meeting of Ali Askari and Mahira Khan is a romantic one. It was Ali Askari who helped her accomplish her dreams. It was during her early days at MTV when Ali proposed Mahira for marriage. They both were deeply in love. Mahira accepted his proposal and they get married on 13 July, 2007.

Ali Aksari sporting a sexy suit

The cute couple - Ali Aksari and Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan and Ali Aksari with their child

Ali Aksari and Mahira Khan look hot together