In terms of the liberal arts that have progressed through the nation in the past decade and since the new millennium embarked, one can say two of them stand out most prominently. One would be stand-up comedy and the emergence of actors taking the stage to render a comic act all by themselves. The second and the more fanatic one would have to be that of dance – thereby encouraging and promoting the thousands of people who are keen to ‘shake a leg’. The form of dance and its competitions start at a very early twenty-first century period and today bloomed into an era of dance, wherein there are at least a couple of dance reality shows celebrated on every other channel. It meant the rise of talented and skillful individuals who have till date dedicated their life to dance, but not quite been conspicuous enough to be in the spotlight. Choreographers and many other dance legends then began to surface and the world finally came to know the men and women responsible for making the cast look good while in a song sequence. Terence Lewis was one such fine example who started his career in 2001 with the choreography of a famous song from Lagaan, a movie which was later nominated for the Oscars.

Terence Lewis during a TV show

To begin the Terence Lewis biography, we have to first know that he was into dance right from the time he even started walking. Dancing to him was a form of expression, a way to feel happy, and a way to enjoy one’s self. So naturally when he reached his teenage years he was keenly interested in learning various dance forms. His parents disapproved at first but then seeing his determination and more essentially how good he was at the art, altered their mind after all. He started off with learning jazz then ballet and even went on to contemporary dance forms. Luckily he says he found his forte in that very last form of the dance. Today as it stands, he is one of the best choreographers in the genre of contemporary. When the first year of the twenty-first century had just started, he was all of twenty-five years old and he decided that he would like to get into the Bollywood film industry. And so he did, and got a chance to choreograph a ballroom waltz dance scene in the great movie Lagaan. Although he was extremely talented, his first venture did not really prove to be a huge success, but it was the start nevertheless.

Funky hairstyle of the dance Guru Terence Lewis Terence Lewis sporting a funky blue jacket

Following that, he decided to step it up. He trained regularly, even undertook classes, learnt other forms of dance, and took lessons from experts. And in a couple of years, he had undergone a massive change over in his dance and choreography. Seeing this, he was approached by many directors to take up the whole responsibility of the choreography in an entire movie; something he had not done before, and this was to prove a stepping stone for his future. The two movies he got an opportunity in did not do well at the box office – but the dance routines of the songs in it raised eyebrows. People had not seen such bold dance steps and such exquisite routines. That is when the name Terence Lewis began to gain prominence. From there, he slowly rose to become a professional choreographer and began to accept projects from major banners for the choreography. With time, he even shot himself dancing in front of the camera for exclusive videos and content, mostly for promotional purposes of his projects.

Terence Lewis is smiling during a TV show Terence Lewis is seen in a designer wear during an award ceremony

So in the timeline of the Terence Lewis biography, in around the year 2008-2009, he was a professional choreographer, taking projects in the movie world. Then in the year 2009, a particular channel and their franchise came up with the notion of a national dance talent hunt and a show to go with it. It was to be huge because for the first time the dance show was to be on a national basis and platform. The show was to be called ‘Dance India Dance’ and Terence was invited to be one of the judges. It was a huge honor considering it meant that he was seen to be among the top dancers and choreographers of the nation. Along with the other two judges, Terence started this brilliant campaign to find the nation’s best dancer and to find all the talent that lies hidden in the country. There were actually different fortes or genres allocated to the three judges for judging, and sure enough, the genre of contemporary was rested with Terence Lewis. That was one of the most significant moments in the career and life of Terence Lewis, and with it his reputation and image accentuated manifold.

Terence Lewis during a dance practice session

Since then, Terence Lewis has been a regular part of the show and appeared in all the seasons that it has featured. In fact, in the first edition of the show, his contestant was the runners-up at the end of the competition. He also judges as well as instructs the contestants and trains them in the different dance forms that he is acquainted with. Even outside the world of the dance show, he conducts classes wherein he promotes talent, and teaches dance to willing and enthusiastic individuals. The show is also credited with having a number of special performances by Terence along with his fellow judges on special occasions like the grand finale of the competition and others.

Handsome dance Guru Terence Lewis Terence Lewis smiling at the camera Check out this sexy tie of Terence Lewis

After going through the entire Terence Lewis biography and seeing where he stands today, one has to accept that it is a story of hard work, sheer determination and of course pure talent. It’s not just one of the above factors, but a careful combination of all of it, that has made Terence Lewis the man he is today. He has had to go through years of struggle to reach the stardom status that he enjoys in the present date.