When this villain of the silver screen first appeared on the small screen, women’s hearts skipped a beat. This tall, dark and handsome stranger soon became a part of our household and Mohnish Behl had finally arrived in the television industry. His features add to his exotic charm, which make women go weak at the knees. This apart, his terrific acting skills also need mention.

Mohnish Behl with his wife Aarti

There are several movies this man has acted in and his performance has been acclaimed both by critics and the audience alike. A much loved figure in the television fraternity, Mohnish Behl married his wife in the year 1992. Aarti Ekta Behl is a yesteryear actress and Mohnish Behl’s better half. The man is clearly in love with her as they are seen together at almost every function and the doting husband always listens to his wife.

Mohnish Behl arrives at a party with his wife Mohnish Behl and his wife look good together

In a recent interview, Aarti revealed that when in a romantic mood, Mohnish even sings for her cheesy songs to maker her smile. This seasoned actor has a family lineage which extends to many Bollywood biggies. His aunt is the famous Tanuja and his cousins are Kajol and Tanisha. In spite of his stardom, Mohnish has never been linked in any controversy with his co stars.

Mohnish Behl attends a TV show with his wife Aarti Behl and Mohnish Behl together Mohnish Behl and Aarti Behl

Handsome guy Mohnish Behl Mohnish Behl is really good looking Mohnish Behl with his wife and daughter Handsome and hot Monish Behl