Mahira Khan, born in the year 1982, started off as a video-jockey when she was about sixteen years old. But her dream always was to becoming an actress. She carried on with her career landing roles in various television shows and even short roles in films here and there. In the year 2011, four years into her marriage, she was finally seen in the movie Bol by Shoaib Mansoor. The movie did not prove to be a huge hit, but Mahira had made her mark; she had made it through to the big screen and now she was on the platform where she could be spotted by the popular directors.
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In the year 2007, she decided to tie the knot with Ali Askari. When asked about it, she still likes to say that even though her career work had not been complete yet, she felt she could still chase it with her marriage, because her husband proved to be extremely supportive and encouraging. Four years later, they wanted to have a family and a year later, a healthy baby boy was born to Mahira Khan and her husband, and they named him Azlaan.

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Post delivery Mahira has worked very hard to get back her original figure and looks infact even better than before. We wish the beautiful actress and mother all the very best in her life and career.Mahira Khan in a traditional attire

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