Prachi Desai started her career off with a simple lead role in a television show, at the age of eighteen. She was a simple girl, novice to the small screen world and open to learning her way through it. None the less her talent was good, and soon she was noticed, even as the innocent little housewife she portrayed on screen. She gained acclamation for her role.

Prachi Desai sporting a sexy black dress Prachi Desai looks amazing in the green dress Hoi Prachi Desai in a formalwear Beautiful Prachi Desai

In the year 2008, she got her first offer from a Bollywood venture in the name of Rock On. The cast was fresh and the movie aimed at targeting the teenage audience.  She played the introvert wife who likes a compromise rather than a confrontation and sure enough, she played it exactly that way. She was playing a modern housewife and her look was quite different compared to her role in Kasamh Se. She was even nominated and won an award for her role in the movie for the best debutante female category.

Sweet and seductive Prachi Desai smiling Prachi Desai sporting a traditional attire

After a couple of years and as she was slowly phasing out of the world of television, she got a role in the movie Once Upon a Time in Mumbai in the year 2010. It was wonderful to watch how versatile she was in her role. For the past few years, the very same girl who had continuously been playing the role of a sweet little innocent girl became so comfortable playing a diametrically opposite role.

Prachi Desai in a beautiful dress Cute girl Prachi Desai smiling Prachi Desai in a beautiful formal dress

Prachi Desai is looking very cute

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