Rajat Tokas Family Members:

Rajat Tokas with his parents, Ramvir and Pramila Tokas.
Father: Ramvir Tokas

Mother: Pramila Tokas

Fiancée: Shrishti Nayyar


Ramvir Tokas – Rajat Tokas Father

Rajat Tokas as a child actor.
Rajat Tokas as a cuteRajat Tokas as a child. child actor
Ramvir and Pramila Tokas.
Rajat Tokas is a Delhi born boy. His father is Ramvir Tokas. The encouragement and support of his father was the main impetus for a young fifteen year old Rajat to leave his home to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor in the Maximum city of Mumbai. Ramvir Tokas’s encouragement was not only financial or emotional; he even left his job to be at his young son’s side as he took fledgling steps in Mumbai. It is obvious that Rajat’s father was supremely confident of his son’s talents and was ready to go to great lengths to be at his side and support him.

Pramila Tokas – Rajat Tokas Mother

Rajat Tokas being fed by his mother, Pramila Tokas.
Rajat Tokas with his mother, Pramila Tokas.
Rajat Tokas is very close to his mother, Pramila Tokas. Rajat’s mother is a pious, god-fearing woman who is a home maker. It is obvious that she is devoted to her son and he too, reciprocates her emotions. On a ‘Mother’s Day’ Special interview by a television channel, she spoke about how Rajat loves to eat from her hands and whenever he sees her eating something, he insists on being fed by her. The fond mother further revealed that in general, she doesn’t fear for her son and the injuries he might receive while shooting the action sequences for she feels that God is looking out for him and wounds that heal are not to be feared. She was deeply upset when he suffered back injury while shooting a dance sequence for the popular TV show Tere Liye. She in fact, wept in relief when he started walking again.
Rajat Tokas has credited his mother for being the woman behind his success and is grateful for the advice she gives and her support.

Shrishti Nayyar – Rajat Tokas Fiancée

Rajat Tokas with his fiancée, Shrishti Nayyar.
Rajat Tokas with his fiancée, Shrishti Nayyar.
Engagement card of Rajat Tokas.
Rajat Tokas recently, this year, got engaged to his girlfriend, Shrishti Nayyar in a private ceremony. Shristi Nayyar is a theatre artist. The news was no surprise to anyone as they had been dating for more than a year and she was often seen at location with Rajat. Shristi Nayyar was previously in a romantic relationship with actor, Arya Babbar, son of veteran actor and politician Raj Babbar. These two had even announced their marriage only to call it off for reasons unknown.
Rajat and Shrishti expect to be married by the end of this year.