As fans, knowing about the lives of our favorite actors is an absolute necessity. It is almost as if we can’t even swallow our food without knowing what they have done or have eaten. In the previous era, no one would really bother stars, other than politely requesting for an autograph. But in today’s world, knowing the stars means knowing their lives.

Rati Pandey with Anas Rashid

The first source from which we get the most amount of information is obviously the media. The newspaper, e journals and television channels are the best source to get information. When ready to announce something these are the people the stars reach out to first. Apart from them, there are various gossip columns in newspapers which allow us to peek inside the coveted life of a film or television star. These gossip columns are mostly anonymous and reveal rumours about stars without really mentioning their names. Although these are not the most reliable sources as most of their information is based on hearsay and what they assume by seeing things. This sometimes gives us a completely incorrect picture of the stars we love and at times it can stain our opinion to an extent where we switch from being fans to haters. The news or the newspapers are usually more of a reliable source to know more about the various stars who we love so much, who might be Bollywood stars or even Television stars.

Rati Pandey and Anas Rashid together

Another source which has become very popular in the recent past and which is the most reliable source is the internet. Apart from the obvious Google searches which result in a lot of sites where you can know more about your favourite star, there are also Facebook and Twitter fan pages which have been created by the stars themselves. These pages help you connect to the various stars themselves and sometimes even interact with them. On Twitter of course, you can interact with them yourself. With regard to information about them and their lives, I think Twitter is the best bet, as the stars themselves post pictures and tweet about themselves on this popular website.

Anas Rashid helping his woman to get down from a horse Anas Rashid attending an award ceremony with Rati Pandey

So, imagine our surprise, when we looked to check on our favourite stars, Rati Pandey and Anas Rashid and found that they planned to get married! Recently a rumour took the Television industry by storm and the news was that Anas Rashid and Rati Pandey intend to tie the knot! The young, feisty lady, who has starred on shows like Miley Jab Hum Tum and Hitler Didi, has known the handsome actor for some time now and sources close to the couple say that the two have been dating for quite some time now. However, when asked any question about her relationship status, Rati has always sternly shifted the focus to her career, without really denying it or accepting it.

Handsome Anas Rashid Sexy girl Rati Pandey Rati Pandey sporting a hot and sexy top

Anas, on the other hand, has denied the rumour out right, saying that he would like to marry someone who is not from the industry. This actor, who has become the heart throb of many through his show, Diya Aur Baati Hum, lives in the same building as the actress he is being linked with. They have been friends for a long time, yet they keep insisting on the typical tagline, “We are just friends.” Sources close to the two have revealed that they are quite close to one another and have been keeping their relationship under the wraps for a long time. Well, well, well, looks like the time has come for the two to spill the beans, as apparently, there are talks of marriage doing the rounds.

Hot Rati Pandey in a salwar Rati Pandey is really looking very cute

Don’t be disheartened fans; this may just turn out to be a rumour yet. Rati and Anas both are vehemently denying the relationship and apparently, they have even declined performing at Nach Baliye together. According to Anas, the show uses real life couples as participants, not people who are only friends. Well, it seems like these two “friends” are going to remain tight lipped about the entire affair.

Hunk Anas Rashid Hunk Anas Rashid is smiling

Rati Pandey has a vast fan following as does Anas Rashid. Some sources have claimed that Anas and Rati’s huge fan following have led to the rise of this rumour. Many a friendships in the industry have been known to fall apart because of rumours, and we hope Rati and Anas are an exception to the rule. The two are at the peak of their careers, with a lot left. The two extremely ambitious and career oriented individuals claim that right now, their career is the only relationship they can maintain. While Anas has claimed that he will not marry from the industry, we think a partner from the industry itself is most likely to understand the odd hours and hectic schedule!

Cool dude Anas Rashid in glasses Anas Rashid in his dark glasses

Oh well, until they reveal it all, we can all just hope that the rumors are true. Don’t you think they make such a beautiful couple together? We sure do.