Rati Pandey Family Members:

Father: Mr.Pandey

Mother: Mrs.Pandey

Brother: Pandey Jr.

Mr.and Mrs. Pandey and Pandey Jr. – Surbhi Jyoti’s Family

Rati Pandey
Rati Pandey’s family is a typical nuclear family consisting of her father, Mr. Pandey and Mrs. Pandey and includes a brother whose name is yet known in the public sphere and so, has been referred to here, as Pandey Jr!
Rati Pandey’s parents are Bihari Brahmins from Patna, Bihar. When Rati was young, her parents travelled to many places including Assam and Delhi. Her father and brother are the owners of a construction business.
Rati is a very family oriented person and has publicly said that she won’t marry against her parent’s wishes. She looks up to her father as her idol and often refers to him during media interactions. One can deduce from her statements that her parents are fairly conservative in their outlook and yet supportive of her for she has revealed in an interview that she was given a month’s time by her father to find her bearings in Mumbai.