Shaheer Sheikh Family Members:

Shaheer Sheikh with his parents.
Father: Mr.Sheikh

Mother: Mrs.Sheikh

Mr.Sheikh – Shaheer Sheikh Father

Shaheer Sheikh as a child.
Shaheer Sheikh’s parents are from the Bhaderwah District of Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmir.
Shaheer Sheikh’s father, Mr. Sheikh was an engineer with a transferable job and had to often leave his family back in Jammu, when he had to move. Thus, Shaheer got to live with his paternal grandparents and remembers having a marvellous time with them. Shaheer only moved out from his State when he had to do his graduate studies.
Shaheer Sheikh’s father is the one who handles all his finances and makes all investment decisions on Shaheer’s behalf; he even does his insurance and plans his savings schemes. As, Shaheer is candid enough to say that he doesn’t believe in saving money, his father had to probably step in as his son’s financial consultant! But, this definitely enables Shaheer to then focus on his work, without any worries.
Shaheer Sheikh has said in an interview that his father is his inspiration and that he has always supported him and never stopped him from doing whatever he wanted, be it acting or anything else, on the one condition that he be always honest to him regarding what he is doing. Though Shaheer knows that his father would have preferred it if he would have returned to his home State, he is happy about the fact that his father is proud of him.

Mrs.Sheikh – Shaheer Sheikh Mother

Shaheer Sheikh with his mother
Shaheer Sheikh’s mother is a homemaker who was very calm and understanding when she got to know that her son wanted to go to Mumbai to try his luck in the entertainment industry. She, herself is a huge television fan and is delighted and proud and loves the fact that her son is doing so well on television.
Shaheer Sheikh is basically a home loving boy, who loves to share everything with his parents. It is obvious that he is very close to his parents and he regrets the fact that he hasn’t been with his parents in the past couple of years.