Anant and Nava were there most watched and appreciated stars when they were seen together in Navya. They were one of the most adorable pairs in the industry. Anant Bajpai is known as Shaheer Sheikh in the real life. Navya was not his first show. The show made him a well-known person in the industry. Though he has played only a few roles, he is known for his work in the industry.

Shaheer Sheikh in a stylish picture

Shaheer Sheikh in Navya

Shaheer Sheikh fits into his role completely

Shaheer was also seen in many other shows. He acted as Vir Mehra in the show Kya Mast Hain Life. He got a good start with this show. He is best known for his role in this show. Anant Bajpai was another role that added to his popularity in the industry. He was also seen playing the role of Nana Sahib in the show Jhasi Ki Rani that was aired on Zee Tv. All these roles were prominent that got him good fame in the industry. He has created a mark for himself in the industry.

Shaheer Sheikh while shooting

Shaheer Sheikh while his  shoot

Shaheer in his real life

Shaheer was born in a Muslim family. He was born in Jammu and Kashmir. He is a resident of the Bhaderwah region that is  a District in Jammu in Jammu and Kashmir.  He did his schooling in Jammu and Kashmir. He completed his schooling from the Hari Singh Higher Secondary School in Jammu. He completed his college from the Bharti Vidyapeeth University that is in Pune. He is also a bachelor degree in law (L.L.B.) and he is an owner of an event management company. Shaheer is master in several fields. He was into modeling before becoming an actor. He also knows photography. He says that he is a very comic person in his real life. He also added that he loves watching comedy shows on the television. His fingers would automatically get to the remote as soon as he was back home. He added that he loved watching Comedy Central or shows on Star World.

Shaheer Sheikh captured in a picture

Shaheer Sheikh in his modelling picture

Shaheer Sheikh in Kya Mast Hain Life

Shaheer Sheikh has played  a mix of characters in the shows he has acted till now. Kya Mast Hain Life was a kids show basically where he got a platform to showcase his talent. It was not a matured character but still he managed to establish himself in the industry. He played the character of Veer in the show. Veer loved music and loved his guitar. He treasured his guitar like a jewel. Kimmy was one of the characters in the show. She was one among the titlis. She had a crush on him. Veer was aware of the fact but did  not react. He was a science student and didn’t like dramatics at all. His parents and relatives wanted him to become a doctor in future. But Veer was not so capable to become one. He fainted as soon as he saw blood. He was one of the coolest dudes in the academy. He experienced many things that he never thought he would do in his life like going on a date with the titlis. He has a one best chat buddy whose name was Zeeshan.

Shaheer Sheikh from Kya Mast Hai Life

Shaheer Sheikh in Kya Mast Hain Life

Shaheer Sheikh with his Kya Mast Hai Life Co Star Nazneen Ghan

Shaheer Sheikh in Navya

Navya was aired on Star Plus. It was the story about Anant and Navya who came from a different family background. Nauya was a silent and beautiful girl who pursuing computers. Anant studied in the same college. He was one of the dashing guys in the college. Navya’s parents were conservative about her didn’t miss a single chance to love their kids. There were loving but a bit strict about the rules. On the other side Anant also came from a conservative family. Anant’s father was very strict but his mother loved and supported him all the time. His family followed the traditions very well. They were very strict about it. Both of them never thought that they would fall in love. Amidst these family problems they find solace in talking to each other. They fall in love and later get married after managing both the families. After their marriage there were several problems that they had to face. The show ended recenlty. Shaheer was very emotional when he came to know about the end of the show.

Shaheer Sheikh and Saumya Seth in Navya

Shaheer Sheikh with Saumya Seth in Navya

Shaheer in Jhasi Ki Rani

Shaheer Sheikh was also seen playing Nana Saheeb for the show Jhasi Ki Rani that was aired on Zee Tv. He acted as the biological son of Mahdev Narayan Rao. He was the brother of Rani Lakshmi Bai. He pretended to be one of the allies of the British. He helps Rani Lakshmi Bai to kill Nelson.

Shaheer Sheikh as Nana Shaheb in Rani Lakshmi Bai

Shaheer Sheikh fits into his role

Shaheer in other shows 

Apart from these shows Shaheer was also seen in some other shows. He was seen in Best Of Luck Nikki. He played the role of Ritesh for the show. Ritesh was Dolly’s ex-boyfriend. Popi was his rival but with time Popi and Ritesh become friends. Apart from this he was also seen in an album named Teri Palkey. He was also seen going a small role in Teri Meri Love Stories. He palyed the character of Nityanand in the show. He worked as a agent in the Honeymoon travels. He is married to the daughter of the perons who runs  the travel agency. Her name is Saloni. Saloni loves Sunil. The show revolves around their love story. Nityanand sends her a rose everyday and she misunderstands that his ex-boyfriend sends it. on the realization of the fact she falls in love with Nityanand.

Shaheer Sheikh in Teri Meri Love Stories Shaheer Sheikh as Nityanand

Shaheer’s awards

Shaheer was nominated in several shows for his good acting skills. He has most almost all the awards for which he was nominated. He was nominated mostly for Kya Mast Hain Life and Navya. He won almost 8 awards for Kya Mast Hain Life and 2 for Navya. This shows that he was very much appreciated for his roles.

Shaheer Sheikh as Anant  Bajpai

Shaheer’s girlfriend

There have been speculations about Shaheer being in a relationship. It is said that he is in relation with Smiley Suri who acted in Kalyug. They have been in the relation for more than one and a half years. When asked Shaheer about this he denied it completely. He said that he was still waiting for the right girl and he was waiting to live the love feeling.

Shahher Sheikh dating Smiley Suri

Shaheer Sheikh with Smiley Suri at an event