Hitler Didi is one of the famous serials being aired on Zee Tv. The popularity of the serial has made the characters even more popular. Sumit Vats is not an exception. He is one of the well-known characters of Zee TV. He plays a lead role in Hitler Didi. The show seems to be a bit out of track currently but they are trying to get the show back to its normal colors. He was paired opposite Rati Pandey in Hitler Didi. Their chemistry made the serial get good TRP from the audience. Sumit Vats has been very lucky with the serial. He has also worked in many other serials before but only Hitler Didi could make him popular in the industry.His career started with an investigating show Surya – The Super Cop where he played a cop. Then he was seen playing Jimmy in Mukti Bandhan.

Sumit Vats in a picture

Sumit Vats in a different avatar

Sumit Vats a glimpse from Hitler Didi

Sumit Vats in Hitler Didi

SumitVats was seen in a different role in Hitler Didi. He got a good appreciation for his role in the serial. This was also one of the most appreciated serial aired on Zee TV. Hitler Didi was the name of the main lead Rati Pandey. The story revolves around Hitler Didi who struggles to earn bread for her family. Her family members are not so supportive. She is shown to have lost her smile struggling for her family. She is stubborn and is not affected by any comments. She is forced to become a perfectionist and disciplined due to the challenges she has to face daily. Then enters Rishi aka Sumit Vats in the serial as the main lead. He is completely different than Indira who is supposed to be the Hitler Didi. He is light hearted and jovial who comes in as fresh air in Indira’s family. He enters in the show as Indira’s tenant. He tries to change Indira and help her to lead a happy life like others. Many twists and turns made the serial even more interesting. At a point Indira and Rishi get married after a great struggle. Currently there are rumors to take the show off air. Some say that there will be 15 years leap in the serial. There has been no confirmed news yet.

Sumit Vats in a still from Hitler Didi

Sumit Vats and Rati Pandey shoot for Hitler Didi

Sumit Vats and Rati Pandey in Hitler Didi

Sumit Vats and Rati Pandey during their shoot

Sumit Vats in Mukti Bandhan

Sumit Vats was also seen in Mukti Bandhan. Mukti Bandhan is a serial aired on Colors. Mukti Bandhan was a serial that showcased an ordinary man with extensive knowledge of business. The story is based on Harikrishna Mehta’s novel Mukti Bandhan. Vipul Mehta featured this show.  The story had a high class that could not convince the audience. Hence the show had to go off air. It went off air on 29th September 2011.

Sumit Vats at an event

Sumit Vats in Mukti Bandhan

Sumit Vats as Ricky Sharma in Hitler Didi

Sumit Vats in Surya-The super cop

Surya- The Super Cop was an investigation show that showcased different issues that came up for investigation. The story revolved around a blind             man who had good IQ. He had ample of experience in investigating crime cases. The investigation units worked as separate units and the blind man assisted them in tough cases. The blind man was one of the intelligent police officers in the past. He decided to stay home due to his blindness. The crime branch insisted him to support them in their case and make the case easier. The blind man is the main character of the serial where Sumit played a small role.

Sumit Vats fits in his role in Surya The Super Cop

Sumit Vats in Surya The Super Cop

Sumit Vats caught on the camera

SumitVats’s biography

Sumit Vats was born and brought up in New Delhi. He completed his journalism from Bhartiya Vidhya Bhavan. Though he did his graduation in journalism, he was interested in acting. He joined the acting school to nourish his skills and become a good actor in the future. He loved performing in the theater and singing. He made his career in acting only for his passion. Apart from acting his hobbies were playing football, cricket, volleyball, hockey and riding bikes. He was very active in theatre during his college days. While he was practicing journalism he was getting offers for active theatre. He got a chance to enter the industry from his theatre sources. He was then asked to participate in an audition. The auditions were for Kaashi in Delhi. Sumit was selected in the auditions. He was offered the role and he shifted his base to Mumbai. In an interview he was asked about his struggle in the industry. He replied that he was offered role after the other and hence he never struggled for roles.

Sumit Vats with Asha Negi practicing for an event

Sumit Vats performs at an event

SumitVats’s personal experiences

Sumit was happy with his role in Hitler Didi. He got confidence to face the camera and so got good acting lessons. He was also happy to work with actor like RatiPandey. He replied that he was very lucky to work with such good actors. Rati is also a good friend of Sumit. He has many such friends in the industry. He was also asked about receiving his first pay cheque. He shared that he was very excited to get his first pay cheque. He bought a saree for his mom. Sumit also shared his biggest fear in the interview. He feared water a lot. He wanted to learn swimming to get rid of the fear but couldn’t do that.

Sumit Vats in his role

Sumit Vats in a disguise for his role

Sumit Vats in one of his personal photographs

Sumit with RatiPandey

Sumit is having good time acting in Hitler Didi. But the show seems to be disturbing his girlfriend a lot. There were some cozy scenes shot between Rati Pandey and Sumit Vats for their serial in Macaw. His girlfriend reached Macaw there to surprise him.  The cozy scenes made her uncomfortable. However the chemistry between Sumit and Rati was awesome and added to the popularity of the show.

Sumit Vats with Hitler Didi aka Rati Pandey

Sumit Vats and Rati Pandey at an event

Sumit Vats with Rati Pandey in Hitler Didi

Sumit Vats with his co-stars

Sumit shares good bond with his co-stars in Hitler Didi. The rapport between them is really good. The whole team enjoyed the time they spent together while shooting for the serial. Sumit Vats is missing his home made food on the sets of the show. He was missing his home a lot. His co-stars often bought homemade food for him on the sets. When asked Rati about Sumit, she said that he was the biggest prankster even she had met. Recently he scared everyone on the sets with a silly picture clicked on his mobile. The picture only had image of half a person and he scared all the girls telling that it was a ghost.

Sumit Vats and Rati Pandey on the sets of Hitler Didi

Sumit Vats with his entire cast of Hitler Didi at an event

Sumit Vats with his cast during shoot

Sumit is a simple and fun loving guy who likes to make very one happy. Wishing him good luck for his future in the industry.

Sumit Vats in a modelling picture