Avika Gor was born on the 30th June, 1997 to parents who were not even remotely related to the world of Bollywood or even the small screen and television. So naturally she attempted a normal lifestyle, going to school and aiming to complete her education so as to create a base for her career without even thinking about acting. If anyone had ever asked Avika Gor what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would confidently reply Miss Universe. However, the world is a strange place, and the audition which seemed a silly affair then turned out to be one of the most important decisions of her life and she hasn’t looked back since. The child actress who portrays the role of Anandi in the famous television show Balika Vadhu, recounts her tale and her transition which led to her stardom.

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Avika’s  first appearance on the small screen was for a show on NDTV Imagine, called Rajkumar Aryan, where she had a small role. When she decided to go for the audition of Balika Vadhu, in 2008, the show was in its pre-production stage and she was immediately chosen to portray the role of Anandi. Since then, there has been a world of change, and she is today known across every home as Anandi. The role portraying that of a young child wife has won hearts all over, and she is beautiful in her rendition of the character. At first, however, her parents were worried that her jump into the small screen career might disrupt her studies, but she didn’t let that happen. When she’s not shooting for the show, she is determined to study and is still one of the brightest in her class. She knows her priorities and is managing both her roles as a student and a child artist perfectly well. Seeing this, her parents too feel happy about encouraging her in her television career. In fact, when asked, Avika quite frankly admits to having a dream of becoming a mainstream actress one day, and her mother smiles at the idea. She knows that whichever field she chooses, she will give her full potential to it.

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Balika Vadhu, a widely viewed television serial on Colors TV, show revolves around a young child Anandi, who is married off to another boy at a very early age owing to the custom of child marriage. Now although the concept has been eradicated in most of the states in India, there still remain some parts wherein this ‘tradition’ is rampantly prevalent. Balika Vadhu is the story of one such child wife. As one can gauge, the plot in itself is a very controversial and delicate topic.  So at first when it aired on Colors TV, people were apprehensive about it.  But then Avika Gor with her talent and childlike innocence managed to steal hearts. Today as it stands, Balika Vadhu and Anandi are known across every household in India and is compared with other popular shows like Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki and Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. The audience laughed with her, they wept with her, and they were simply amazed at the talent of this kid.

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At the beginning, settling in with the whole unit of a television show seemed quite cumbersome for the little artist.  But as the days went by she fraternised with the cast and crew and got to know the work and the people there. She loved being a part of the crew of Balika Vadhu.

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Recently, this youthful actress has stated that she will be taking a break from her hectic shooting schedule to prepare for her class X examinations. So viewers, be prepared to miss this adorable face, but do not fret, she will be back before you know it! After Balika Vadhu, she is presently seen in the role of Rolly in a new television serial called Sasural Simar Ka which is also being aired on Colors TV. The role is slightly different, but Avika feels like she’s up to the challenge and her efforts are showing already seeing as she has already won the Colors Golden Petal Awards for it.

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