In today’s world, making a mark in the Indian Film industry or Bollywood isn’t as easy as it was in the earlier stages. In fact, one particular condition that was consistent in all the actors trying to make their debuts back then was the simple quality of talent. This was of course due to the fact that not only was acting for a profession looked down upon, but also there were only a handful of people who were actually talented enough to sustain themselves in theater and beyond. So naturally they made it to the big screen and prospered from there. Today however, the field of acting is a lucrative as well as sought after profession, and also there is emerging talent all across the nation. Therefore clearly it becomes a struggle for the enthusiastic individuals, and there are rat races to acquire even a subsidiary role in a movie under a huge production house.

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What individuals and prospective teenagers of today’s age therefore realize is that along with talent, one needs a number of factors to go with it, say a recognizable face, being part of exclusive and commendable projects, and of course contacts. The pattern that has been recognized is that instead of aiming for the big picture directly, the smarter kids are now opting for a stepping stone to it at first. So they either choose to go for a commercial or even a small role in a television serial. Now at first, this may seem like a setback, considering their true interests, but in the long run, one will find that it only benefits and accentuates their career options for the future. An excellent example would be that of Yami Gautam who was only to be seen in a number of commercials, until she finally bagged the spotlight of the silver screen.

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If one goes through the Yami Gautam Wiki page, one shall know that she was born in Punjab in the year 1988, and had just stepped in her twenties when she came to Mumbai. She had already been seen in a few television commercials back in her hometown, but honestly they didn’t really make her prominent on a national scale. Still she was determined to continue that when she landed in Mumbai, and soon enough, she was auditioning for both television shows and television commercials. The latter seemed to be really going her way, as she managed to get a number of commercials, some even from very reputed brands for their products. She was still just an amateur actress doing commercials but her face was gaining prominence and recognition not just in Mumbai but throughout the nation. She stepped up her gear in 2008 when she was seen in her debut television show Chand Ke Paar Chalo. After that, she kept shifting from one television show to another, but she had her sights on being an actress on the silver screen all the time. The chances were there and she even went for a number of screen tests, but nothing yet seemed to be clicking. But she did not lose hope and persevered on, all the while doing commercials and television shows.

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Oddly enough, an opportunity presented itself in the year 2010, and she was seen to be part of a Kannada movie. This wasn’t what she had expected but she knew it could only enhance her knowledge in the field, give her considerable experience as well as good references as well. However, things didn’t exactly pan out as she had hoped. In fact, after that, she also went in to do other regional movies in different languages, and although she did quite a remarkable job, people only still remembered her face from her television commercials. Those two years 2010 and 2011, she was busy being part of these regional movies; a list of which is provided on the Yami Gautam Wiki page. The Kannada movie that she had first opted for failed miserably at the box office, but even amidst that train wreck, she managed to snatch good reviews and positive comments about her performance from the critics. This proved to be helpful for her in the future.Hot Yami Gautam posing for the camera Sexy Yami Gautam in a wet look

In the year 2011, she was finally selected for the female lead protagonist role in Vicki Donor, starring alongside Ayushmann Khurrana, who was also making his debut there. The venture was a tricky gamble because the director had opted for both the male and female leads to be filled in by newcomers. So would they live up to the potential and deliver performances that could keep the venture afloat? Or would it just be another failed attempt at the box-office and Yami’s struggle would again go all in vain? Did the director know what he was doing, by selecting a fresh cast, and not even making a huge banner movie? More so cause of concern was that her opposite lead Ayushmann was already a popular video-jockey and was the host of some very reputable shows. In spite of that being his debut act in a movie, he was a known face across the world of television and commercials as well, and thus had gained considerable amount of accolades there and had a huge fan base already. Was Yami Gautam likely to be overshadowed then by his prolific reputation?

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All these questions were answered once the movie released – the movie has done wonders for her career. Not only did it prove to be a huge hit across the nation but also both of their performances were flawless. So after beating around in circles, the sexy siren Yami Gautam has finally come to realize her dream and made it to the world of Bollywood. We wish her all the very best for the future films.