There are many actresses who go through a number of years of struggle to even find a hint of success in the world of television. There are of course a number of reasons attributed to this cause. Firstly of course, in the mainstream world of television today, most shows and serials have a plot that revolves around a make protagonist. This orthodox convention has been prevalent from the start and it still continues in today’s world. So generally the television shows tend to concentrate on the role of the lead actor more than that of the actress. There are of course exceptions to this rule, and there are shows which celebrate womanhood as well, wherein emphasis is given to the role of the woman in lead. The number of the latter however is greatly exceeded by that of the former, and thus there are a handful of actresses who enjoy the privilege of being bestowed with a role which is mostly the epicenter of the entire television show. Rashmi Desai Sandhu is one such fine example of an individual who has worked her way in the industry to ensure that she now enjoys the benefits of a prominent female protagonist’s role.

Rashmi Desai in her hot white dress

Born in the year 1986, she always had a knack for acting, her parents say. She was often seen to be part of the drama clubs and even participated in the school acts here and there. From there, she took to being cast in television commercials and advertisements.

She was born in Assam, and did most of her schooling there. So one can assume that even though was bestowed with a lot of talent, it was quite difficult for her to make a mark seeing as most of her work was going unnoticed. This is probably what prompted her to audition for bigger roles, and even make the move to Mumbai. The latter was a wonderful decision considering the fact that she now had a number of options in front of her. After moving to Mumbai, she was entitled to a number of auditions and even the small roles that she bagged were now on the national screen; ensuring the fact that the directors and major production agencies were watching her. However, even after all this effort, she only managed to do one or two television shows and even those weren’t quite conspicuous.

Rashmi Desai in a sweet pink dress Rashmi Desai showing off her sexy back in a saree

One of those television shows was the enactment of the story of Ramayan, which was being aired on Zee TV, Raavan. She was playing the role of Mandodari. What was happening was that although she was being noticed by the rest of the small screen world, the producers didn’t really feel the courage to grant her a lead role or at least one close to the protagonist. This trend of doing guest roles continued for a brief period of two years for her, from 2006 to 2008. In her defense  she likes to state that she wasn’t even provided with a full-scale opportunity to prove herself. She was always stuck in these tiny roles with barely more than two lines in an episode; how could she possibly convince the directors of her worth by rendering those two silly lines? She kept trying however, but it seemed quite futile to try and alter the mind of a director who had already typecast her for a side role. So she left that and went on to audition for other roles in projects that were just beginning.

Beautiful and sexy Indian bahu played by Rashmi Desai Rashmi Desai looking at something strange Rashmi Desai in a beautiful salwar

That second attempt at a fresh start proved to be fruitful to her. The production agency that was making the serial ‘Uttaran’ wanted fresh faces; ones who had never been cast in lead roles, and when they observed the screen tests of Rashmi, they were more than convinced that she was exactly what they had wanted. And so from there, Rashmi happened to get the role of the second protagonist in that show. This was exactly what she had wanted, and indeed she lived up to her promise. The critics were indeed surprised, but the director and the producers remain on record saying that they always believed that Rashmi had the potential in her to do justice to the role. In the same year, she was nominated for her role in ‘Uttaran’ for many award shows. And for most of them, she even won. Her prominence and talent was now gaining momentum and soon she was a renowned celebrity, even appearing as herself in guest shows and talk shows.

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The other quintessential factor about ‘Uttaran’ in her life is that it was exactly where she first met her life partner. Nandish Sandhu was her co-actor in the serial as well, and that is where they started becoming friends. In fact, her name was simply Rashmi Desai at first; then they got acquainted with one another, fell in love and once they got married, she became Rashmi Desai Sandhu. They got married in the year 2011, which was about a couple of years after they started getting to know each other. The interesting fact is that even on the show, they are a married couple. One has to admit, both on the show and off it, they make a lovely couple.

Hot girl Rashmi Desai in a tight salwar Sexy actress Rashmi Desai in a hot white dress

As of the present, she still is an active part of the ‘Uttaran’ club and is also undertaking other projects in the name of stand-up comedy shows like ‘Comedy Circus’ and all. Apart from that, she is also to be seen in certain Bollywood movies as well. She is known throughout the country and the audiences love her.