Most television actors and actresses as we all know wish to keep their personal lives a secret from the media. There are a number of reasons behind this, with the most prominent one being that they do not want the media to pry into their lives and make it miserable. But often there are celebrities from time to time who also believe in a public display of their affection towards their partner and accept that they are dating or about to get married.

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We are talking about none other than the famous Sukirti Kandpal and her boyfriend, Rishabh Jain. This piece of information had been rumored for a while now until recently she came clean in front of the media and accepted the notion of them being a couple.

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Sukirti is an Indian television actress who is mainly known for her role in the television show Dil Mil Gaye on Star One. The show actually started with another actress as the main protagonist, but she had to leave on account of certain reasons. This gave Sukirti a chance, and although people were apprehensive about her ability, she outdid every one’s expectations. Today, she is most commonly referred to by her character’s name whenever a fan comes across her or runs into her outside the show.

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Rishabh Jain is a business executive and not from the world of television like Sukirti. Before his name came into prominence, there were of course a number of rumors about Sukirti and other actors. At first, she was rumored to be going out with Karan Singh Grover. Then in the year 2008, when Karan got married, the rumors died down on their own.

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Next came Manish Raisinghani, another co-actor from another television show. She vehemently protested against this rumor, saying that she just about barely knew him, even though she was his co-star. But the media was not ready to give up, not in any way.

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A couple of years later and even as the media failed to find concrete evidence on who Sukirti was dating, she herself accepted the fact that Rishabh and she were indeed in a relationship. She met Rishabh at a friend’s party and from there on, one thing led to another.

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