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Vivian Dsena is a television actor who started his career a few years back in the show Kasamh Se. This was however a short role and as expected, he was looking to make his mark on a larger scale, preferably a lead role on a television show or even in movies. Although his first role wasn’t really outstanding, he had become a known face by then. So when he auditioned for the next few roles that he desired, his publicity did him a favour. Especially when he got the role of the protagonist in Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani, the director mentioned that he wanted a fresh face but also one who had been seen in a way on television earlier. And Vivian fit the bill exactly, plus he aced his screen tests.

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Once that took off, there was no looking back. Not only was he the lead role in the show, but also he was playing an unconventional character – that of a vampire. The show was a major hit among the ladies and this ensured that he had quickly acquired a huge fan base, the greater portion of which were occupied by women of all ages, especially the teenagers. This new found publicity and the talented work of the crew and the cast ensured that the show bloomed to be a very prominent one.

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