Shirtless Barun Sobti in a TV series

Barun Sobti played the lead role of a popular television show, loved by all. Due to his popularity with female fans, there were scenes enrolled in the serial such that it would have to be with Barun Sobti shirtless. This was purely to entice the female section of the audience and to make sure of their credibility towards watching the show. And it worked. One scene in the television show where Barun Sobti was shirtless got about a million hits on YouTube. Even in terms of television rating points or TRP’s one noticed a sharp increase in the serial’s TRP’s after the telecast of that particular episode.

Handsome Barun Sobti in a sportswear

In terms of the show crew and the director however, this was a smart way used to ensure greater viewership. They were aware of the rising likeness for the lead Barun Sobti and they wanted to use it to make sure greater number of people would thereby be interested to watch it. Both the viewers as well as the production agency seem to be happy with the shirtless scene, and thus everyone refers to it as a win-win situation. Well looks like this hunk definitely makes girls croon when he goes shirtless in only one episode. Makes us wonder what’s in store next time!

Hunk Barun Sobti is taking off his shirt Barun Sobti feels most comfortable in his sportswear

Let’s look at other instances where Barun Sobti has gone shirtless; there are photo-shoots and promotional videos for the television shows that he is a part of. Taking the former case first – Barun has been in a number of shoots regarding commercials or magazine interviews or even for the television roles. Needless to say, most of them feature him fully dressed and there are only a few of them (in fact just one or two) where he is seen shirtless. When asked about it, we realize that it was done for the requirement of the job, say while shooting for a calendar or something like that. So very clearly, other than it being absolutely necessary, the tall and handsome Barun admits that it takes a great deal of thought before simply choosing to shed one’s shirt in front of the camera.

Barun Sobti showing off his six packs

Finally, in the case of the television show itself, it is absolutely new territory. On exclusively rare occasions and unless it’s absolutely mandatory, it is much more usual to see actors fully dressed than bare bodied. In fact, that very episode was the one single time that Barun recalls being on set without a shirt, while the cameras were rolling. One can conclude that Barun doesn’t particularly have an interest towards portraying a shirtless image unless of course the director prompts him to. None the less, I am confident that his female fan following feel otherwise.

Barun Sobti inside a gym