Vivian Dsena! Ok so we have got your attention. The super sexy Indian version of Edward Cullen, is an absolute stunner. The model turned actor has grabbed eyeballs and how! Almost every second Indian girl has fallen for the guy, and we don’t blame them. Those chiseled features, sexy voice, I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude, ripped muscles and intense eyes can make anyone from the ages of 16 to 60 drool over the guy. One can call him almost beautiful. His features are so perfect that even women will envy him. But sorry to all the ladies, this man is already taken. Wipe your tears all you women out there. But so what if he is married? You can still have a look at his sexy pics.

Vivian Dsena smiling

Vivian was born to a Brahmin mother and a Christian father on 28th June 1988, in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. His mother’s name is Shyamlata Dsena and father’s name is Duncan Dsena. Vivian attended Lokmanya Tilak High School. To those who think that Vivian is just a gorgeous face, well, think twice, he is a graduate from a renowned engineering college. Yes, he has as much brain as brawn. The man has been one of the top 10 contestants in the prestigious Gladrags model hunt, considering the kind of competition he had, we say, that’s quite an achievement Vivian!

Vivian Dsena is relaxing on bed Handsome Vivian Dsena

Vivian has worked in only four television shows, but has shot to fame in a very short time frame. He started his television career in the year 2007 and had become a household name by 2010. Today, Vivian stands tall amidst all his contemporaries, with two super hit television series under his belt; not only women but men too admire Vivian and his style. The 24 year old has achieved a lot at this young age and has become a television icon already.

Vivian Dsena looking at the camera Hot Vivian Dsena in a kurta Vivian Dsena in a traditional attire

He first starred in the Ekta Kapoor’s popular daily soap Kasamh Se which aired on Zee TV. He bagged the role of Vicky Jai Bani Walia; Bani and Jai’s son. Though his role was short-lived he did have a decent fan following since then.  He next starred in a show called Agnipareeksha Jeevan Ki- Gangaa. The show was presented on Colors Television.  It premiered on February 15th 2010. It was given the prime time slot. Vivian was the main lead on the show; he was cast opposite Jayshree Soni who was the protagonist Ganga. The plot of the show was, that Ganga was considered cursed because she had some white patches on her body. Many believed that her disease was a curse of the Gods and treated her like an untouchable. Vivian, who played the role of Shivam, happened to be a friend of Ganga, who saves her from Jeevan, the villain of the show. Gangaa’s stepmother planned to get Ganga married to Jeevan. Jeevan had wrong designs on Gangaa and his intentions regarding her were dubious, Shivam helps Gangaa run away from all these problems and falls in love with her in this journey.

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In 2010 the handsome actor Vivian Dsena starred in the very popular television series Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani, it was the Indian version of the iconic Hollywood movie and book series Twilight. It premiered on October 18 2010 and went off air on December 15 2011. In the span of one year, the show received immense love and fan following. The supernatural series garnered very high TRP since its inception. The unconventional story line and the chemistry between the protagonists won the show a lot of viewership. Vivian was roped in to play Abhay Raichand, who was the male protagonist. Abhay was a vampire who fell in love with a human being, Piya Jaiswal, which was played by Sukriti Kandpal. It was Star One’s highest TRP grossing serial, beating the likes of Geet….Hui Sabse  Parayi. The story revolved around Abhay, Piya, and their transcendental and eternal love for each other. Since the show had supernatural elements like vampires and werewolves it had a very different quality about it which helped the show take the numero uno position. Vivian was stupendous as the uncouth and brutal lover with a wry smile, who later became a loving and protective partner to Piya. The show ended on a happy note, when Abhay finally, turned into a human being and got married to Piya. The show had a fairy tale ending (and they lived happily here after), the grand finale showed the two getting happily married in a big fat Indian wedding. Many of the fans are demanding a second season of the show.

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Today Vivian is playing the role of Rishabh Kundhra a.k.a RK in the very popular Color’s TRP topper Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon it commenced on 28th may 2012 and airs from Monday to Friday on at 8.30 pm Colors TV. The show pays a tribute to the hundred years of Hindi cinema and therefore revolves around the glitz, glamour and the superficial society of film stars. Vivian plays the role of the arrogant and malicious RK who vows to make Madhubala’s life hell. Rishabh is the anti-hero who does not like to be demeaned, he is rude and self obsessed, he also hates his father. Rishabh has a dark past and the show also puts light on how he battles his internal demons and the ghosts of his past. RK forcefully marries Madhubala to avenge his wounded ego. Drashti Dhami who plays the role of Madhubala has acted very well on the show. Madhu tries to woo RK and help him fight his deep dark past but, RK is playing a different ballgame all together. The show attracts its audience because the viewers love the bittersweet relationship between RK and Madhubala.

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Vivian got married to his Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahaani co-star Vabhiz Dorabjee. Even though Vivian is a married man now, his female fan following seems to be ever-increasing. With looks that can kill, Vivian surely has wounded half of the Indian population! No wonder why Vivian Dsena photos are such a hit on the net.