Vrushika Mehta was born on 18th February in the year 1993 in Ahmedabad. But she spent her childhood days in Mumbai.

She heard about the auditions for the popular youth show Dil Dosti Dance and planned to give the audition. She knew that it was a great show and all about dance which she of course loves. Her parents were a bit skeptical about it and told her, ‘don’t go, you won’t get selected’! But Vrushika decided to go for it. She never thought that she would get selected! She basically got the chance to act in D3 because of her dancing skills. She proved to be the best dancer out of the lot of girls who auditioned for the role. It was a dream come true for her when she grabbed the role of college diva Sharon Rai Prakash (she replaced actress Sneha Kapoor) in Dil Dosti Dance. While acting had never been on the cards for her, fate certainly had different plans in store!

Vrushika Mehta looks cute in grey

Apart from dance, which is her biggest passion, the actress (Vrushika) also likes to sketch. She says that most of her free time goes in listening to her mom scolding her. Her mom scolds her a lot!

Initially her parents were not agreeing to the part that she would act in a show, but after she was selected, it was a bundle of joy for her parents. Looks like Vrushika’s parents and family are really happy with her popularity after playing Sharon in D3.

Vrushika with her D3 co-star Shantanu Maheshwari

Even after seeing her on TV for so many months, her mom still gets excited on watching D3 everyday! She waits for her part to come and gets very happy when it comes. Vrushika’s dad keeps on complimenting her without even hearing the dialogues sometimes to which she says, ‘dialogue toh sun lo pehle’ but he just keeps saying ‘very good beta, very good’.

Vrushika poses with a matka

The newbie (Vrushika), who had initially planned to become a choreographer, said that she had been dancing since childhood and although she’s not trained professionally, she always felt that she could make a career in dancing. Acting had never even crossed her mind. Now that she’s getting recognised as Sharon makes her feel good that she could create an identity for herself. Vrushika is happy that she has done something in life which can make her parents feel proud of her!

Vrushika chit chatting with co-star Shantanu Maheshwari

Vrushika, who is in the second year of B.Com, was initially a bit nervous about replacing actress Sneha Kapoor for the role of Sharon. It was difficult for her (Vrushika) as Sneha had already made a mark whereas for her it was a new experience, because she’s a dancer and not an actor. She had never acted before and did not even know how to act. But she got a lot of support from the cast and crew; everyone explained her the character of Sharon, how she’s supposed to walk and talk etc. ‘Sneha was an excellent actor and a good dancer also. I think it worked out for me with everyone’s support’, said Vrushik

Vrushika poses with a book in her hand wearing specs

Even for creating the chemistry with co-star Shantanu Maheshwari was the same for her. She was sceptical whether she would be able to match up to the level that was already established. But Shantanu made her feel very comfortable. Vrushika used to see his reactions and learn from him.

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The 20 year old (Vrushika) shoots from 9 – 9 everyday, comes home and watches TV, spends time with her family and then goes off to sleep! She loves sleeping and sleeps in her leisure hours in between the shots as well!
The D3 team has become her family now. Vrushika seems to meet the team more often than she gets to meet her parents and family members every day!