Every profession requires a certain number of attributes on the part of the individuals. For actors and actresses, this is especially more pronounced seeing as they need to portray another character and thereby need to essentially look the part. One of the most particular attributes in this case would be that of the height of the actor or the actress. Especially more so in movies where an actor and an actress are paired with one another, there needs to be a compatibility of their heights in order for them to look good on screen. Generally the best combination is when both of them are of similar comparable heights and it looks quite pleasant too. But even if the male lead actor is slightly taller or vice-versa, then also it looks fine as long as there isn’t a great deal of difference in between the two.

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The extremely talented and sexy Yami Gautam once faced this potential problem regarding all this. Now Yami Gautam’s height is neither too short nor too tall in excess. In fact, in terms of actresses, she had just about the right average height for one. But that did not mean she wouldn’t be facing problems regarding her height in her projects. At first, when she started off with roles in television shows, none of this really was a factor. The thing is when one is shooting for a role in a television show the shooting is on set and mostly concentrates on the facial expressions and renditions of dialogues. Unlike in a movie where it’s a larger than life screen and not only is the shooting done outdoors,  but also the entire frame of the actors are being displayed; therein the point of one’s height becomes quintessential in establishing a good frame and being compatible with one’s co-stars.

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So when Yami Gautam finally got the offer of a movie on the silver screen in the year 2010, she was quite skeptical because she was aware that the general height of actors in the world of movies is quite high and perhaps she would not be able to quite make it up to them. This was also taking into consideration the fact that this was debut movie and she did not want to go bad because of her height; she did not want her first look on the big screen to be unpleasant. Surprisingly however when she later got to know about the cast of the movie, she found out that even her co-star was a newcomer. But the better part was that his height too was almost similar to that of Yami.

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When they first started shooting for it, the directors were pleased that inadvertently they had chosen an actor who was exactly comparable to Yami Gautam’s height. Sure enough, when the movie came out, they looked good together; all the more reason for Yami to rest assured that height was never again going to be a cause of concern for her. She may be part of movies wherein her opposite actor might be a tad bit taller than her, but now that she is not an amateur anymore, she feels she can adjust into the transition quite well.

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