There are some faces that one always finds in the commercials but can’t quite place them. Budding actors in today’s world realize that getting a break or a lead role in a movie is not that easy to score. That is why most novice actors start off with commercials and then the small screen and finally transition in to the world of Bollywood, that is, if they can make it. The hot and sexy Yami Gautam is one such example of an actor who started with commercials and now has made her debut in Bollywood in the movie Vicki Donor.

Yami Gautam is seen with Ayushman Khurana Yami Gautam and Gaurav Khanna together

Beautiful smile of Yami Gautam

At first when she was featuring in the commercials, she may have been a prominent face but she wasn’t quite a celebrity. So naturally the media was not that keen to find out more about her and delve into her personal status. Today as the movie proves to be a huge hit and her performance remarkable, she is not only a celebrity but also a promising talent for the future. This in more ways than one attracts the eyes of the press and therein they start digging for details. Without much surprise the first and the foremost thing that they try and look for is the facts of whether she is single or does she have someone special in her life? Perhaps she does, but clearly she has made no mention of it till date.

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However, sure enough, the media kept digging; in spite of the fact that she kept stressing that her boyfriend does not exist, the media were persistent that she was trying to cover it all up. In the last few interviews, when actually asked about the man in her life, she said that she has just started her career and does not believe that she has any time for any man in her life. Surely that would be enough for the media to back off, but they found other leads too and linked them as well.

Great smile of Yami Gautam The ever smiling face of Yami Gautam Yami Gautam is looking great in a salwar

Rumors have it that Yami’s love interest had worked in a Raymond advertisement with her. Gaurav Khanna, a prominent actor as well as model is the one who worked in the same ad. Yami has still not said anything about Gaurav yet, so we will have to assume that these are just random rumors that have come about.

Sexy Yami Gautam in a blue dress The beautiful face of Yami Gautam Cutiest smile by Yami Gautam