Urvashi Dholakia is one of those actresses who can get anybody glued to the television screen. She is one of the most attractive vamps on the television. Urvashi in addition to her killer looks is a great performer as well. She is one power house actor who can burn the screen with her scintillating presence.

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Urvashi went through many ups and downs and faced all possible difficulties a lady could suffer. She has had one turbulent personal life where she had to deal with her broken marriage, two little kids, her old parents and a struggling career. Things are now different but when her career started, television was not considered a big platform neither were the actors given much importance. In spite of so many hardships Urvashi carved her way towards success and achieved what she always wanted.

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Born in the year 1979, Urvashi is a Gujrati by birth. She was married at 16 and delivered twins by the time she was 17.  Two years into her marriage she got divorced. She loved her kids and did every possible thing to provide them a secure and healthy lifestyle. Managing her personal and a professional career as a single mother was indeed tough but Urvashi never gave up and has set an example for women all over.

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Urvashi acted in a commercial at the age of 6 for the famous soap brand Lux, along with the southern actress Revathi. This was her first time in front of camera. She acted in the SAB’s (Shri Adhikari Brothers) serial “Waqt Ki Raftaar”  when she was eight. At 14 she acted in the famous comedy “Dekh Bhai Dekh”, as the love interest of Vishal Singh. This was the breakthrough Urvashi has been waiting for. Ever since she did “Dekh Bhai Dekh” there was no stopping for her. She then acted in a movie called “Tejaswini” after which she worked in serials like “ Zamana Badal Gaya Hai” , “Mehendi tere Naam ki” “Ghar ek mandir” and “Kabhi Sautan Kabhi saheli”. Her first television success was in “Kabhi Sautan Kabhi Saheli” where she co-acted with another Anita Hasssanandani.

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In 2001 after working in “Kabhi Sautan…” with Ekta Kapoor, Urvashi managed to bag and role in one of her most successful serial on air “Kasaauti Zindagi Ki”. The character of Komolika was basically the antagonist of the story. She was a vamp in the story and her role was very pivotal to the script. Her character brought a new meaning to the role of vamps in the television industry. She was the most stylish and sexiest vamp ever, with her big bindis and low plunging necklines, her character gained a lot of recognition.

Hot Urvashi Dholakia in a sexy saree Glamour Goddess Urvashi Dholakia Urvashi Dholakia is looking hot in the black dress